Posted 18 января 2022,, 07:28

Published 18 января 2022,, 07:28

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The cadet, who became disabled after vaccination, talks about his treatment in social networks

The cadet, who became disabled after vaccination, talks about his treatment in social networks

18 января 2022, 07:28
"Hello everyone. My name is Kirill. Last winter, I got vaccinated against the coronavirus and was completely paralyzed. I'm not anti-vaccination, it's everyone's choice. I don't have any chronic diseases. I did all the vaccinations by age,” says Kirill Bespalko in a video dated January 6.

On January 2, Kirill started instagram - @kirill.495 , in which he talks about the progress of his treatment.

“Learning to walk again” - noted in the profile header.

There is also a post with photos "BEFORE" and "AFTER" vaccination.

The picture of the epicrisis and referral for planned hospitalization indicates that on February 6, 2021, Kirill was vaccinated with Gam-Covid-Vak, aka Sputnik V, after which complications began.

Note that since Kirill is a cadet of the Smolensk Military Academy, he went through the procedure, of course, in an orderly manner.

Last year, messages about what happened to a cadet of the Smolensk Military Academy practically did not get into the official media, but were distributed on social networks.

In the smallest detail, a story replete with glaring nuances was told by the Smolensk portal SmolNarod .

Novye Izvestia cites excerpts from this publication.

“19-year-old Kirill from the Bryansk region is a first-year student at the Smolensk Military Academy. A strong and healthy guy is an athlete. I was ill in childhood like all children: ARVI, influenza. Of the most serious diseases was the removal of appendicitis, the father of the young man, Mikhail Bespalko, tells our editorial office. Naturally, when entering the military academy, there is a strict selection for health and physical endurance. Cyril went through all this with a bang, as he was healthy and strong as a bull. Until the very day they got vaccinated against the coronavirus.”

“On February 23, he called me and said: Mom, my legs hurt so much ... I can’t get up.” I say: “Son, did you tell anyone?” They are military men, forced people. He hid a lot from us, did not say. Now everything is being cleared up. The son immediately informed the course officer, who, in turn, immediately sent him to the medical unit. But in the medical unit they measured the temperature (it was 35.5) and the pressure was elevated (145, the son did not remember the lower figure) and considered that the guy was healthy as a bull and sent him back. The condition worsened again. The next morning he went to the medical unit and was examined by another doctor. The sensitivity of the toes and feet was gone. The doctor quickly sent him to the hospital. That is, on February 25, he was already transferred to the Smolensk military hospital.”

This is where the worst began. The young man, though with difficulty, still walked on his own feet. By this point, the loss of sensation had already risen higher, capturing the shins of the legs.

“On Friday evening, he was examined by the general practitioner on duty and, as parents were told, “treatment is scheduled.” Mother calmed down a little, but she could not even imagine that everything would develop so rapidly. The next day he had difficulty getting to the toilet.

The guys helped him, literally carried him in their arms. Thank you all very much! And on Monday morning, his urinary system had already given up. He was sent for an ultrasound. But when he got up with difficulty to go to the examination, his legs were no longer holding. He fell".

Oksana Bespalko immediately noted that due to the fact that this is a military structure, and even a coronavirus pandemic, they had to literally break through there with a fight to find out what was happening to their son.

“This is a closed military structure. You have no idea how we tried to break through there to see our son and talk to the doctor! With great difficulty, but we broke through to the head of the hospital and the chief medical officer. They assured us that there was nothing to worry about. How not?! The child has already become disabled! And they answered: “Why are you raising a panic! He is a soldier. He has high physical activity. Maybe he has this muscle strain or twisted his leg. What are you talking about?! How could he twist two legs at once?! From muscle stretching, the functionality of the urinary system and gastrointestinal tract is not lost. But the chief medical officer tells us that there is no critical situation.”

The mother urged the management to call an ambulance or a helicopter to transport the guy to Moscow. She was ready to pay any money, if only her son was treated.

“We will find this money! We will take loans, we will gnaw the earth! Help us! Believe it or not, we were on our knees before them. We were told: “He is not wounded to call a helicopter.”

But when the parents hardly managed to get a visit from their son in the ward, even greater horror awaited them.

“We went into the ward, and he was breathing like a fish… Sweat poured from him. I have never seen such sweating in my life. I asked for a thermometer, but we were refused. I told them: “If you want to shoot me, if you want to call an outfit, I won’t leave here until you give me a thermometer.” Dali. The temperature was 40 degrees. But there is no one near him and no one came up. I cry, I shout: “What are you doing?! Call an ambulance and send it to Moscow!”. And to me: "no need." With difficulty, we knocked out that he was transferred at least to intensive care. We realized that there would be no help there. I could not even imagine such negligence as in the Smolensk military hospital!”

It is not known what happened that night, but at 5 am on March 2, an ambulance was issued and a cadet from Smolensk was sent to a military hospital in Podolsk.

Parents follow the reanimobile in their car to Podolsk. By 11-12 days he was already registered in intensive care. Parents met immediately with the head, a neurologist.

“It all happens instantly. The doctors are fast. The team is completely different. All examinations and important decisions were made very quickly. Literally in 2-4 hours (I can’t say for sure) all the necessary examinations were already carried out and the diagnosis was made: “Polyneuropathy. Guillain-Bare Syndrome".

For reference, Guillain-Bare Syndrome is a fairly rare disease. It affects 2 out of 100,000 people. As a rule, it develops in response to any vaccination, but it can also be triggered by a simple flu. Until the end, the disease has not been studied. But the guy had been vaccinated before. None of them had ever had such a reaction. The disease is characterized by an acute demyelinating lesion of the peripheral nervous system with the development of reversible muscle weakness and impaired sensitivity. If you describe the disease in general terms, then a person’s legs rapidly stop working, the gastrointestinal tract, lungs gradually fail, and even, possibly, a heart rhythm breakdown. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis, start treatment quickly and transfer to intensive care with mechanical ventilation, as an urgent connection of oxygen and pacing may be required, otherwise death is possible.

Returning to the guy, Podolsk military doctors were on top. They did a quick examination and made an accurate diagnosis. The doctors told the parents that Kirill's condition was serious and he was being urgently transferred by reanimobile to the Vishnevsky military hospital in Moscow. Parents immediately rush to the capital.

By 20 o'clock on March 2 (2021 - approx. "NI") they reached Moscow.

In a Moscow hospital, his parents were told by phone that his condition was serious, but so far he was breathing on his own and was conscious. Even at non-reception times, the parents faithfully did not leave their son and were in the car under the walls of the hospital. At the same time, they wrote and called wherever possible: to the intensive care unit, to the presidential administration, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defense.

“The team of doctors just grabbed the life of our child. All night the team worked with our son to save him. On March 3, at 9 am, we were invited for a talk. All passes have already been issued for us. We were already waiting. All the doctors of this department gathered (doctors and the head of intensive care), as well as neurologists of the neurological department. A low bow to all of them and a million thanks for the fact that they grabbed the life of our child. On March 3, treatment began: the first stage of plasma. At this stage, no money is needed. The military hospital provides everything.”

Parents threw a cry on social networks not to raise money. They don't need them now. The hospital provides free treatment. Parents tried to find in this way people who had this disease in order to find out how to treat it and what is the prognosis.

“This inaction of Smolensk, the lost time played a fatal role. Now we grab every hair, ”explains Oksana.

Kirill's father added that after the publication of the post on social networks, three people from all over Russia responded who had this disease and told how they were treated.

The duration of treatment is different for everyone. A man from Rostov managed to recover within a year and restore all lost functions to working capacity. The most expensive of the drugs was immunoglobulin. He is a civilian and he was helped by people with fundraising. Now he is absolutely healthy. And another man said that he had been treated for 5 years, but he had not restored his motor functions, he remained a wheelchair user. We hope this is not our case.

Mikhail also said that he did not expect to be given a conclusion that the disease was provoked by a vaccine against the coronavirus. In fact, such a reaction could be to another vaccine.

“I don't need it. Put my son on my feet!"

Kirill's father said that he would fight to the last, so that those who allowed his son to be in such a state would be held accountable.

“I gave my son to the Armed Forces healthy. Now they have brought him to the point that he has become an invalid. I want to sort it out. Only death will stop me. I got through to the NTV channel. I called the presidential administration and told about my trouble. I was connected to the Ministry of Health and then the Ministry of Defense. So they reacted immediately."

Novye Izvestia found out that the Zadneprovsky District Court of Smolensk brought the Smolensk Air Defense Military Academy to administrative responsibility.

Due to the gross negligence of the doctors of the educational institution, Kirill became disabled, recovery is slow.

The fine amounted to 150,000 rubles, however, no one was brought to criminal responsibility.

Despite the fact that Kirill keeps Instagram for a few days, there are dozens and hundreds of comments under his posts (spelling and punctuation are preserved):

- Kirill. Why don't you sue? You could save many lives and health of other people!!! I personally called your parents and offered to help when you were paralyzed. But they decided that it was better not to quarrel with the system and then the system would cure you. I think that you need to sue the manufacturer, the Ministry of Health and those who forced you to be vaccinated

- If Kirill signed the consent to participate, then according to the Federal Law-61, namely, Article 44, he cannot claim monetary or other compensation. Everything is smart!

- Thank you Cyril for not being silent. I wish you a speedy recovery!

- Cyril, health to you and recovery. Well done for not being silent. Spread it, people, let everyone who hates opponents of covid vaccination see and know.

- May all the troubles of those affected by vaccines be transferred to those who force them to inject. May God get better

- At least someone was punished for this and what kind of compensation was there?

Well done for not being afraid to speak the truth! May the Lord help you recover!

- God bless you! Get well soon! May God punish the guilty. You can't do this with people, we are not guinea pigs.

What is it like for a mother to teach her child to walk again!

- Kirill, when information about you appeared in the media, many people claimed that this was a fake and this could not be. This is such a blind faith among people in the benefits and safety of vaccinations. But if we take your case, then you were not vaccinated, but injected with an experimental drug that was not studied and did not go through all the stages of the experiment.

- Who will return the boy's health now?!