Posted 18 января 2022,, 07:21

Published 18 января 2022,, 07:21

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The Ministry of Health published a list of contraindications for vaccination against COVID-19

The Ministry of Health published a list of contraindications for vaccination against COVID-19

18 января 2022, 07:21
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Head of the Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko signed an order with a list of contraindications for vaccination against COVID-19. The document is posted on the official portal of legal information.

As follows from the text of the list, indefinite contraindications for vaccination include: hypersensitivity to the components of the drug; severe allergic reactions in history; severe post-vaccination complications - such as swelling or redness at the injection site, fever above 40 degrees Celsius, convulsions, anaphylactic shock and severe generalized allergic reactions.

As RIA Novosti notes, the presence of complications is determined by the body's reaction to the previous administration of the vaccine or any of its components - in cases where multicomponent drugs are administered.

Temporary contraindications include acute infectious diseases, non-infectious diseases, exacerbations of chronic diseases. In such conditions, the medical exemption is issued for the period of illness or exacerbation of a chronic disease and for the next two to four weeks after recovery or remission. In case of acute respiratory viral infections and the appearance of symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the medical withdrawal is given until the body temperature returns to normal.

In addition, vaccines such as EpiVacCorona, EpiVacCorona-N and KoviVac are prohibited from being administered to cancer patients. Them, as well as Sputnik Light, Sputnik-M and Gam-COVID-Wak-Lio (dry version of the Sputnik V vaccine), are contraindicated for pregnant and lactating mothers.

The Ministry of Health notes that vaccination is the most reliable way to protect against coronavirus. Among patients with covid who ended up in the hospital, the proportion of those vaccinated does not exceed 0.03 percent. To overcome the pandemic, at least 80% of the country's inhabitants must be vaccinated. So far, only 76,520,849 Russians have been vaccinated. Herd immunity is less than 64%.

In the near future, along with previously approved adult vaccines for mass use, the children's vaccine Sputnik M will be available, intended for immunization of adolescents aged 12 to 17 years.

According to manufacturers, for the introduction of a children's vaccine " Sputnik M "there are contraindications:

  • severe allergy;
  • diseases of non-infectious and infectious type.

With some caution, it is necessary to use the Sputnik M vaccine for the following health problems:

  • chronic kidney disease;
  • chronic liver diseases;
  • diseases of the endocrine system;
  • autoimmune diseases.

In the instructions for the drug, it is noted that side effects can occur on the 1-2 day after the introduction of the vaccine. Completely side effects are neutralized within a few days.