Posted 18 января 2022,, 11:29

Published 18 января 2022,, 11:29

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We act like Jews dutifully going to the gas chamber

18 января 2022, 11:29
Елена Кадырова
All sane people of Russia who do not want the country to turn into a militaristic state must, in spite of their political differences, unite in the most important demand - Peace.

Yelena Kadyrova, psychoanalyst

Don't you know what to do?

Somehow I already published my short post here about the general paralysis of the will to live in conditions when politicians who have lost their shores are pushing the world to the brink of disaster and death. And she cited the example of Jews who dutifully went into the gas chambers at gunpoint, not trying to resist with their significant numerical superiority compared to those who would send them to their deaths. The other day I reposted a material that describes the mental mechanism of an inadequate reaction to a real impending catastrophe, and again compared it with the current situation in the world, with talk about a repeat of the Caribbean crisis. And I received in response several indignant comments with reproaches that I was escalating, that I was reproaching people for being helpless in a situation where we really can’t do anything. That I simply overshadow the joy of life with such texts, and in general, am I a psychotherapist with such my behavior? And in a personal they write to me in a kind way, like, Lena, but what to do? What we can???

That is, we know what to do when we are forced to wear (horror!) a mask in the midst of a pandemic, we know what to do when they try to force us to get vaccinated if we do not trust the vaccine, we know how to reverse the passage of the law about quarcodes - some, for greater drama, even put on a yellow star and compared themselves with prisoners of concentration camps. But... we do not know what to do when the authorities of our country begin to dictate their own rules to the world, put forward obviously unrealistic ultimatums and prepare to attack a neighboring country, brandishing nuclear weapons???

We are told with our mouths about the possibility of turning humanity into nuclear ashes - us, our children and grandchildren, but we do not know what to do but enjoy life or not enjoy it? But for now, this is not even a killer comet flying towards us from Space, like in a bad, unfunny movie “Don’t Look Up”, this is ONLY the political will of people who can impose their will on us as long as we allow them to do so. If before our very eyes the Zaputinists were able to unite with the anti-Putinists in the fight against the Quarkods, then why are we powerless and passive when our government is on the verge of a decision to unleash a war?

Why are we, conditionally sane people, who, according to Levada ( recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation ), are already 66 (!) Percent, who do not want to become a militaristic state, why do we not declare a water truce to our political differences, do not abandon all our current affairs and do not unite in the most important requirement of the World? Where are the political leaders? Sixty-six percent, if they start shouting about it and demanding it, they will be heard! This is not at all like pretending that nothing is happening or writing analytics from a distance, calmly discussing the version in which the end of the world will come. If all of us who are against start shouting and demanding, we will stop the process. But alone, we really can't do anything, like those Jews who went to the gas chamber.

And do not console yourself with the fact that the war will be local and somewhere else... This match will fall into a powder keg. Look at the chaos in the minds of politicians with the example of the pandemic situation, which also mysteriously broke out quite by accident next to a modest scientific laboratory in Wuhan, and add the nuclear button to this. The coronavirus has shown us how fragile the world is and how much we need to be personally responsible for it. If we know how to give birth to children, we must be able to protect them. And do not ask every time - for whom the bell tolls ...

And now I will answer the question of what kind of psychotherapist I am after that. Psychotherapy is primarily about helping a person to be truly alive. It's not about helping him fall asleep in a snowdrift, being in a pleasant daze and dreams.

Am I afraid to write this here? Yes! I am a very careful person. But if I am writing this, then there is nowhere else to retreat. Everything is very, very serious.

And by the way, the reaction in the networks to the film "Don't Look Up" literally reproduces and illustrates the main horror and message of this film - people are not able to adequately respond to a message about a real threat. Instead, protective mental mechanisms are activated that distort the perception of this fact, which in the given circumstances do not allow doing what is necessary and what the circumstances require. Yes, the film was not made very well from the point of view of cinematography, and not a funny political satire, but now rushing to discuss its advantages and disadvantages, instead of hearing what he literally screams about, what the main character of the film screams about, is to completely reproduce insane human behavior shown in this movie. Wake up dear people. Not too late.

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