Posted 19 января 2022,, 07:09

Published 19 января 2022,, 07:09

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Doctor Dmitry Yedelev: "There is a cancer pandemic in Russia, its cause is glycidol in the food"

19 января 2022, 07:09
Journalist Andrey Karaulov posted on his YouTube channel a conversation with Dmitry Yedelev, Doctor of Medical Sciences, who gave horrific facts about Russian food products.

“In 1978, in the Soviet Union, there was once such a country, a substance was found that causes cancer. It was called glycidol.

Cancer was caused by glycidyl ethers. These are absolutely industrial substances that arise during the processing of individual food products.

And since then, since 1978, glycidol has been under absolute quarantine. In 2008, our chief sanitary doctor - Gennady Grigoryevich Onishchenko - number 22 among the most dangerous substances in the Russian Federation, that is, highly dangerous, this is class "2-A", called glycidol a substance that causes death of people.

Today, up to 70% of products in the Russian Federation contain glycidol.

This happens as a result of the fact that the sanitary rules of 2008, 1978, written back in the USSR, are simply not observed by certain people.

These are all plant foods that are high in fat. Well, for example, if you and I buy the so-called puff pastry, this is glycidol.

When we buy bread, it is glycidol.

When you and I buy individual confectionery, well, for example, Russian gingerbread. There is such, you know, Tula gingerbread. A product that contains up to 20% fat, which contains glycidol, which kills our children.

A huge amount of glycidol is found in our dairy products.

Forgery, falsification. You know that in some cases up to 80% of the oil is counterfeit. The counterfeit oil is glycidol.

Moreover, Arkady Mamontov, for example, bought oil in a store on Tverskaya, in a store overlooking the Kremlin, with a very beautiful name, which is somehow connected with the Kremlin.

And when he brought this oil to the Czech Republic, to the laboratory - they simply refused in Russia, when they saw this oil and its manufacturer, they said, you know, a big man makes big oil, beautiful, the Kremlin is depicted on oil, - they said that such oil cannot be made. We got, if I'm not mistaken, a 9.8 times excess of glycidol over the maximum allowable doses.

That is, this oil is carcinogenic.

Finally, glycidol is found in a huge amount of meat products.

That is, today, these are all products that kill Russians.

Today, sausage is made from technical palm fat, which contains glycidol. Doctor's sausage today in Russia is a dangerous product.

When they saw the content of glycidol, glycidol esters in oil in the Czech Republic, they asked: “Do people really eat this?” We explained, yes, they eat. Arkady Mamontov explained that in Russia this food product is sold on the main street of the country. They answered that in the Czech Republic they would have been imprisoned immediately for this, even if no one would talk - it’s just that a prison is your home.

Therefore, today all this is our big problem.

Unfortunately, the Russian Federation is in the top 10 countries in terms of cancer per capita.

3,700,000 citizens of Russia - offhand, this is more than 2% - they are cancer patients or patients with pre-cancer diseases.

An absolutely gigantic number. These are children, these are adults, this is the elderly population. And Russia in this respect holds a leading position in the world.

Moreover, I can say that in ten years the incidence of cancer in Russia has increased by 23%. Well, this, you know, is already a kind of “record” set by our country in terms of cancer incidence, it is growing.

We have never seen so many cancer patients. After all, I have been working as a doctor in the healthcare system for 24 years and I can say that today I have a huge number of cancer patients. I have never seen such a thing. I have never seen so many young people and children...

And, for example, in terms of thyroid cancer, we understand that we have grown 256 times in 30 years!

Thyroid cancer is, among other things, glycidol, because it is the main substance that causes thyroid cancer.

And now, from my point of view, as a doctor, one of the main reasons for this cancer pandemic is still poor-quality food that is on our shelves .

The entire broadcast with the participation of Dmitry Edelev can be viewed here .