Posted 19 января 2022, 06:12

Published 19 января 2022, 06:12

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The number of crimes related to bribery increased by 27% in 2021

19 января 2022, 06:12
Фото: 1MI
Over the past year, more than 1.8 thousand crimes related to bribery were recorded in the country, which is 27.8% more than a year earlier.

As follows from the report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, among the crimes related to bribes, more than five thousand fell on the facts of receiving a bribe, about 4.5 thousand - on giving a bribe, more than two thousand - on mediation.

As for corruption crimes in general, more than 35 thousand of them were detected in Russia, which is 14% more than in 2020.

At the same time, the department drew attention to the decrease in the number of terrorist crimes - 2136 registered facts, which is 8.8% less than in 2020. At the same time, the number of crimes related to extremism increased by 26.9% to 1057.

Crime in the country as a whole decreased by almost 2%.

As the official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk clarified, the number of robberies in public places decreased by 17.3%, robberies - by 22.1% , thefts - by 4% . The number of murders, attempted murders decreased by 4.7% , facts of intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm - by 10.6% , robberies - by 16% , robberies - by 18.1% , thefts - 2.4%.

On the eve, an increase in crimes by migrants last year was reported - it amounted to almost 6% , while in 2020 there was a reverse trend.