Posted 19 января 2022,, 10:11

Published 19 января 2022,, 10:11

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Tip of the day: having decided to plunge into the Epiphany hole, do not offend the "feelings of believers"!

Tip of the day: having decided to plunge into the Epiphany hole, do not offend the "feelings of believers"!

19 января 2022, 10:11
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The craze for Epiphany bathing not only has nothing to do with Orthodoxy, but is also dangerous for health, life and freedom, experts say.

In Russia, the so-called "Epiphany bathing" began, that is, a purely pagan rite that has nothing to do with true Christianity.

Often it takes the most unpleasant forms. As, for example, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, when the mother asked the rescuers to forcibly bathe the child who changed his mind at the last moment in the hole. And they happily did it. What kind of Christianity are we talking about here?

It is curious that in the ROC itself, not everyone agrees with bathing at Epiphany (or, as this holiday is also called, Epiphany). Bishop Yevtikhiy (Kurochkin), for example, says:

“Epiphany bathing is not traditional for the Russian Orthodox Church, it is not based on either patristic experience or patristic instruction. Knowing many deeply religious people since childhood, I have not heard from any of them about baptismal bathing!.."

Meanwhile, the experts of the "Presidential Library" wondered how traditional it is to swim in the hole on Epiphany night, is it a new trend? It turned out that the tradition of consecrating water developed in antiquity, when this rite was performed for the baptism of those who were catechumens, that is, those who were ready to receive the sacrament. And then the very next day they, as Christians, could take part in the festive service. On the feast of Epiphany itself, the consecration of water is performed only to remember the baptism of Christ. It was on this day that the Christians of Jerusalem dipped into the Jordan River. The rite of passage to the river for the second consecration is called the passage to the Jordan. No holes are even mentioned there.

Moreover, this tradition can be a serious danger not only to health, but also to life. Therefore, before you dive into the hole, watch this video - perhaps it will save your life.

Well, besides, there is another aspect, one might even say humorous. The fact is that lately we are increasingly seeing how believers love to be offended even on the most harmless occasion. At the same time, Epiphany bathing most often takes place against the backdrop of churches. Don't the many half-naked bodies and asses against the background of icons, crosses and temples offend the churchmen? And isn’t the half-naked people who plunged into the hole threatened with criminal punishment for “insulting” someone’s feelings? Think about it carefully, otherwise some of your enemies will want to take revenge on you for something? There is no better time for this!