Posted 20 января 2022,, 11:40

Published 20 января 2022,, 11:40

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Bags with "Omicron" for spraying from the aircrafts: what is true in this photo and what is not

20 января 2022, 11:40
In January, messengers "exploded" with a photo of exactly how the attackers spread the Omicron strain. We are talking about a substance in bags, which is allegedly sprayed from planes taking off from the airport in the Czech town of Kbel. "Novye Izvestia" decided to find out - is it really so?

Maria Dubinskaya

“And here is what airplanes are pollinating or spraying us with from the air! Bacillus reagent Omicron! It was sent by our subscriber and colleague of the EaP, the photo was taken at the airport in the Czech city of Kbel, in a specially guarded warehouse!!!

Apparently, in a fit of feelings, the author of these words himself did not understand what exactly he had written. As a result, according to the meaning, it turned out that Omicron sent just a “subscriber and colleague”. But these are, as they say, worthless nuances.

In the picture, meanwhile, the Internet address of the Omikron manufacturer is clearly visible:

There are a lot of exclamations in the comments to such posts about what kind of horror is happening, but still there are common sense - some people pay attention to the site indicated on the package and are not too lazy to type the link.

Not too lazy and "Novye Izvestia", we also studied the website of Omikron, whose logo is somewhat similar to the well-known image of the coronavirus.

"Bacillus-reagent", as they say, even is nowhere near.

It turned out that Omikron is located in Italy - headquartered in Turin, and for over 45 years has been manufacturing a wide range of high-quality polyamide thermoplastic compounds "for the automotive and technical markets, as well as for the household goods sector." The so-called " compound in granules" is a polyamide structural crystallizing material with high mechanical strength.

The production capacity of Omikron is 40,000 tons per year. The company carries out deliveries under the brands Omikron and Epsylon almost all over the world and fulfills orders for any client tasks. It is also noted that during the processing of Omikron products, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere have been significantly reduced , and indeed the manufacturer is trying to be as "environmentally friendly" as possible.

We sent a few questions to the Omikron office to find out if the Italians are aware of the sauce under which the photos of their products are now distributed on the Internet and what they think about all this: perhaps the pandemic even, in a strange twist of fate, played into their hands , causing a surge of interest in their polyamide "Omicron"?

Alas, no one answered us. However, it is no secret that silence can also be considered an answer, and a very eloquent one: after all, what can one answer to outright nonsense?

However, let's clarify: despite the fact that the Omicron bags contain by no means lethal biological weapons, the problem of spraying all sorts of rubbish over our heads (in other words, chemtrails) has not gone away.

"Novye Izvestia" has previously reported, in particular, that Spain has become the first Western country to officially recognize the use of chemical aerosol spray over the heads of citizens, that is, chemtrails.

The country's authorities are trying to explain and justify this "measure" by fighting the coronavirus. We told the details in the material " Under the cover of covid: Spain officially recognized chemtrails".

Also, the psychotherapist from Yekaterinburg Vyacheslav Borovskikh asked the question of what is happening in the sky and what kind of "drawings" appear there:

"Maybe someone can explain what's going on? Someone knows what it is, ” the doctor said, after which he showed a short video showing how a certain aircraft, leaving large white stripes, one after another, “draws” circles in the sky.