Posted 20 января 2022, 08:20

Published 20 января 2022, 08:20

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Dictatorship breeds comic nonsense

20 января 2022, 08:20
Алина Витухновская
On the door of the Moscow apartment of Marat Gelman (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia - editor's note) they wrote "foreign agent". Well, such a "conceptual action" for internal use.

If the system wants to intimidate someone, it is strange to intimidate a person who does not live in Russia at all. And if they brand it, then this is basically impossible.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

The very “deep people” who, in the opinion of the authorities, should support this kind of persecution, are in fact absolutely indifferent. How does he feel about foreign agents? No way. The foreign agent will not even pull on the hero of spy films of the 1970s. Wearing a gray coat, hat and dark glasses. Dictatorship breeds comic senselessness. But at the same time it remains monstrously cruel. The consequences of the dictatorship are disastrous for everyone in general. And for the people in the first place. But he, unfortunately, is the last to realize it.

Meanwhile, Moscow artist Ivan Volkov installed a snow figure in the characteristic form of an unpleasant object about 5 meters long on the Field of Mars in the center of St. Petersburg. It would be desirable in the description to do without physiological details. For this action, the author faces up to five years in prison.

An enthusiast from Yakutia, Mikhail Bopposov, who has already become a meme, known for creating sculptures from manure, is certainly not the discoverer of this specific genre. But, fortunately, no one is following him. Why is the artist Volkov so guilty? Obviously, the location of his work. Namely, the Field of Mars itself, on which the cemetery of the victims of the Second World War is located. However, for some reason, I am sure that the author had no idea about the history of space, and even more so, had no desire to insult someone's memory. Many are already interpreting the action as a message to the authorities of St. Petersburg about the state on the streets of the city.

The communal situation in St. Petersburg, covered with a crust of pseudo-Nordic ice, is more than symbolic. This is the city where the Soviet power came from. "Cradle of the Revolution", the assembly point of the current system. Apparently, the tops do not get out of the car until it drives under the covered and cleaned patch in front of the front door. And all the rest are forced, like peasants, the mob, bare of the erratic XIX century, to slip and hurt themselves. This is such neo-Dostoevism in a city that can kill and maim not because of the mental characteristics of a number of characters inhabiting it, but by the very fact of being in it. Thus, we see in him a mini-Russia as a self-reproducing machine of suffering and violence.

Artists can not be planted. But conceptual art is in deep crisis. Not only is it horrendously outdated, but there is simply no context for it within a dictatorship. Bad or not, conceptualism is for free countries. There is no context, but there is no request. Fashionable has become unfashionable, and you did not notice. The sense of relevance is one of the most important for the author. On this occasion, I remembered my old poem with the mention of Oleg Mavromati, known for the action of self-crucifixion. But it took place in Russia in the 1990s, that is, after all, in the space of freedom. And in many ways, therefore, entered the history of art.


Mavromati - Christ in the format.

If you want to drink it, if you want to eat it.

Everyone is crucified on something.

Air is like hash

Dust - is like the noose around the neck,

Patience is like a vain

Christ is like a Koschei the Immortal

Who is disturbing the emptiness.

The air smells of sarin.

Children shout "Aum!"

Death is invisible in Tokyo

It's playing with people like Doom...

Actionism in Russia would not be complete if it did not directly affect the reality of the political. So the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of Alexei Navalny became truly conceptual events. True, in a bad sense of the word. Alexei Navalny has stepped out of the realm of pragmatic politics into the Khokhloma undead of heroism. And profane heroism. And not only because in postmodernity heroes are not needed and irrelevant, but also because he returned to Russia under false security guarantees on the energy of teenage bravado. I consider his return a fatal mistake. The result of which was not only the deprivation of his freedom, but also the defeat of headquarters, terror against the remnants of the opposition, in general, the same dictatorship under which we have been living for a year now. Philosophical and political question: “Did the dictatorship want to become a dictatorship? Or did it become due to irreversible reasons? Personally, I am sure that there was no need to turn into a full-fledged dictatorship in power. This need was involuntarily inspired by the mediocre actions of the FBK (an organization banned in Russia) and the fatal consensuses formed around it. I wish Alexei perseverance and freedom. But I also wish him criticality, especially in the selection of personnel.

Political journalist Elvira Vikhareva writes:

“I don’t want to bring up the old argument now on the topic“ what Navalny should have done. ” He made his choice - and he can only be respected. But we must honestly ask ourselves: what do we do next?

There is Navalny's option - to enter Jerusalem on a white donkey (horse, Mercedes, bicycle - choose according to your taste), but further there is Golgotha. And only Arkady Babchenko knows how to resurrect from all the opposition.

There is Volkov's option: to leave and promise beautiful Russia from a beautiful far away. But - in the future. But how, when - there is no answer to this.

There is an option for those who are still waiting for the doorbell to ring at 6 in the morning - to try to do something in Russia. But even here the questions remain: to do what? Take part in a thoroughly controlled election? Go to a very cold area with a poster?

Whatever option you choose, you need to start with one thing: stop deceiving yourself and others by talking about that very “beautiful Russia”. Let me remind you that once it was a joke, now hardened to the seriousness of a cobblestone. After all, there is no “beautiful Russia” either in the future or in the present. We don’t even roughly understand how to get there, and even more so what to do when everything shakes and crumbles here.

Once, I remember, there were some plans, programs, ideas. And now only this posthumous “beautiful Russia” remains. Because in life there is no chance for her.

So, maybe stop deceiving yourself and others and at least ask an honest question: how? True, even the brightest opposition heads bow before him. And yet - how?

What can we all do to make such a struggle of those who still have the strength and capabilities for it, who still remain in the country and in politics, effective - this is the question that requires not capriciousness, but honest conversation. I don’t see any desire to start today”.

Elvira's voice is one of the few adequate and critical. Others are simply afraid of voicing an unpleasant opinion and losing the approval of the consensus LOMs that are creating an uncontested leader in Russia. Such a choice promises us only a change from one dictator to another.