Posted 20 января 2022,, 12:05

Published 20 января 2022,, 12:05

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Unvaccinated pensioners in the Irkutsk region were sent to self-isolation

Unvaccinated pensioners in the Irkutsk region were sent to self-isolation

20 января 2022, 12:05
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The Governor of the Irkutsk Region, Igor Kobzev, signed a decree on the transfer to self-isolation of citizens over the age of 60 who were not vaccinated against coronavirus.
Irkutsk region

The restrictions come into effect on January 20. Previously, such a regime was already introduced in November 2021 and was valid until early December, Kommersant reports.

“This time the measure will be valid for an indefinite period until the epidemiological situation improves,” the report says.

The authorities of the region specified that, when deciding to send unvaccinated pensioners for isolation, they are following the recommendations of the President of the country, given at a meeting with members of the Russian government on October 20, 2021.

Against the backdrop of the rapid development of the fifth wave of coronavirus, the Irkutsk authorities recommended that employers transfer at least 50% of their subordinates to remote work.

During the day, the number of cases in the region increased by 492 - up to 163.5 thousand cases. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 7,415 people have died from covid in the region (+18 per day), 1,883 people have been hospitalized.

Earlier, a review of the current covid restrictions was announced in the Sverdlovsk region. The authorities of the region have canceled QR codes in cafes and restaurants, but decided to keep them in state and municipal institutions, camp sites, rest homes and sanatoriums.

At the same time, the authorities retained the requirement to transfer 30% of employees of most organizations to distance learning, with the exception of doctors, teachers, representatives of emergency services and social service enterprises. Holding entertainment events and concerts outside specially designed places for this purpose was banned by the authorities. In addition, from January 27, the night work of restaurants and cafes in the region will also be banned.