Posted 21 января 2022,, 14:24

Published 21 января 2022,, 14:24

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The first monument to Lenin was erected in North Ossetia on the day of his death

The first monument to Lenin was erected in North Ossetia on the day of his death

21 января 2022, 14:24
The elders of this Caucasian republic, having learned about the death of Lenin, decided to perpetuate his memory immediately.

Today marks 98 years since the death of one of the greatest terrorists in the history of mankind - Ulyanov (Lenin), whose seizure of power in Russia in 1917, plunged the country into a series of cruel misfortunes and tragedies. Lenin died at the age of 54 from atherosclerosis, although many experts believe that neurosyphilis was actually the cause of such an early death.

Be that as it may, the very first monument to Lenin was erected literally on the same day - January 21, 1924 in North Ossetia. There, on the day of his death, the council of elders at their gathering decided to immediately capture the ardent memory of their beloved leader, which was done right away!

In addition to numerous monuments to the “leader of the world proletariat” erected around the world, the asteroid (852) Vladilena is also named in his honor. In addition, the name of Lenin is present in the first message sent to extraterrestrial civilizations - "Mir", "Lenin", "USSR". Several pennants with his bas-relief lie on Venus and on the Moon. Well, and most importantly: after the collapse of the USSR formed by him, in honor of Lenin, a whole species of fossil prehistoric fish lizards was named - ichthyosaurs, discovered for the first time near the hero's homeland - Ulyanovsk. This is Leninia stellans.