Posted 21 января 2022, 14:07

Published 21 января 2022, 14:07

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Truck with failed brakes rammed dozens of cars in Indonesia (VIDEO)

21 января 2022, 14:07
Four people were killed and 22 others injured in a crash involving a container ship in Balikpapan, Indonesia. The truck, whose brakes failed, demolished cars and motorcycles standing at a traffic light at high speed.

The incident occurred in the morning on January 21, reports The Sun Daily.

A 48-year-old local resident was behind the wheel of a truck that was transporting lime for water purification. He said that he tried to change gear and slow down, but his car did not obey. At high speed, he rammed two pickup trucks, two cars and a minibus. In addition, the car hit 14 motorcycles.

The published footage shows how the truck turns off the lane, where there are dozens of motorcyclists, trying to enter the oncoming lane, where there were no cars, but crashes into a row with a car.