Posted 21 января 2022, 10:24

Published 21 января 2022, 10:24

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Victory over inflation: prices are growing everywhere, but in the dining room of the State Duma they are declining

21 января 2022, 10:24
Unlike all other catering establishments and grocery stores in the country, food prices do not rise in Okhotny Ryad.

While some Russians are cursing the pandemic, inflation and rising prices, others are only rejoicing. These, the latter, live in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, are called its deputies and eat in the canteen there. For more than three years, as these photographs testify, other products there have only fallen in price - including the same carrots, the astronomical prices for which so excited the whole country some time ago. It is worth recalling that the salary of deputies, unlike other Russians, is also growing, and today it is about 500 thousand rubles a month.

Share a secret, gentlemen deputies, how did you manage to curb inflation and rising prices?