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Published 25 января 2022,, 13:47

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Shrines - by list: The Ministry of Culture has listed all spiritual values protected by the state

Shrines - by list: The Ministry of Culture has listed all spiritual values protected by the state

25 января 2022, 13:47
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The Ministry of Culture of Russia has prepared a list of traditional Russian spiritual values that should be protected at the state level. In this, without exaggeration, landmark document, the so-called "traditional values" are finally defined.

The Ministry of Culture proposes to approve a list of “traditional spiritual and moral values” subject to state protection by presidential decree. There "patriotism", "citizenship", "service to the Fatherland", "high moral ideals", "priority of the spiritual over the material" and so on. All this is now being offered by the authorities for public discussion.

This, without exaggeration, epoch-making document finally defines the so-called “traditional values” — “these are the moral guidelines that form the worldview of Russian citizens, transmitted from generation to generation, ensuring civil unity, underlying Russian civilizational identity and a single cultural space of the country that have found their unique original manifestation in the spiritual, historical and cultural development of the multinational people of Russia. Traditional values include: life, dignity, human rights and freedoms, patriotism, citizenship, service to the Fatherland and responsibility for its destiny, high moral ideals, a strong family, creative work, the priority of the spiritual over the material, humanism, mercy, justice, collectivism, mutual assistance and mutual respect, historical memory and continuity of generations, the unity of the peoples of Russia.

The historian and public figure Vera Afanasyeva remarks on this subject:

“I remember, I remember how we wrote in personal comprehensive plans at work - to watch the program “Time” every day. And then we received a salary with colorful pillowcases. While you were sleeping, the state ideology arrived in time. The Ministry of Culture issued a register of traditional Russian values and “alien ideas.” If anything, this is a draft Presidential Decree.

Since it's a masterpiece, and you can't throw out the words, take the trouble to read it.

" List of Traditional Values :

a life


human rights and freedoms



service to the Fatherland

responsibility for the fate of the Fatherland

high moral ideals

a strong family

creative labor

the priority of the spiritual over the material





mutual aid

mutual respect

historical memory

the continuity of generations

unity of the peoples of Russia

List of destructive and alien ideas and values:


cult of selfishness

permissiveness cult

cult of immorality

rejection of the ideals of patriotism

denial of the ideals of serving the Fatherland

rejection of the ideals of procreation

rejection of the ideals of creative labor

rejection of the ideals of Russia's positive contribution to world history

rejection of the ideals of Russia's positive contribution to culture

Sources of threats to traditional values:

activities of extremist organizations

activities of terrorist organizations

US actions

US allied actions

actions of transnational corporations,

actions of foreign non-profit organizations

reforms in the field of education carried out without regard for traditions

reforms in the field of science carried out without regard for traditions

cultural reforms carried out without respect for traditions

reforms in the field of information activities carried out without regard for traditions

Negative scenario


conditions for the self-destruction of society

negative attitude towards military service

negative attitude towards state activity in general

conditions for interethnic conflicts

conditions for sectarian conflicts


state-forming Russian people


family ties

other social connections

all-Russian civic identity

unity of the multinational people of the Russian Federation


foundations of Russian statehood

foundations of Russian identity

trust in state institutions

trust in law enforcement

trust in the education system

moral health of the people

Devalued and discredited:

the idea of serving the Fatherland

idea of creative work

Destroyed and distorted:

historical memory

historical truth

system of value-semantic coordinates of the Russian language


sociocultural gap

social inequality

Successfully implemented and distributed:

destructive content aimed at denying human dignity

antisocial stereotypes of behavior

immoral lifestyle



Increasing use:




“Really, just some kind of holiday? - Afanasyev comments on this document. - Birches with bast shoes and balalaikas are packed there, inside.

And how do you - "the denial of the ideals of procreation"?

Yes, it looks like either a farce, or a resolution on a madhouse, adopted at a general meeting of psychics.

Yes, extremely false and hypocritical. And while they wrote, they drank, they smoked, and that's all.

Yes, another attempt to please, to get into the stream, and at the same time - to cut the loot.

But plans to comply with traditional values and combat alien ideas will have to be written. And who does not want to - for re-education, well, if at BAM.

Don't believe? Let's talk about this in two years.

By the way, Gogol and Tchaikovsky are no longer valuable to us. One of the children did not have, still need to check why. The second - you know.

So we delete. And Bulgakov too.

We will study Putin's works on political information.

And yes - it would be very funny if it were not so sad.

Political scientist Abbas Gallyamov is sure that the Russian authorities are “suffering from nonsense”:

“Probably, at the same time, the Kremlin is happily rubbing their hands: here, they say, how famously we manage the agenda.

In fact, the only consequence of discussing this initiative will be the feeling that the authorities in the country suffer from nonsense. After all, it is obvious that they themselves do not possess any of the listed qualities, which means they are trying to discuss some kind of fiction: “Something they themselves invented and now they want people to take this nonsense seriously. Yep, right now!"

And people will get angry about the “priority of the spiritual over the material”. “It’s easy for them to talk there - with their income,” the average Russian will say, “and you try to live on our beggarly salary.”

In general, the main enemy of Russia is the Maslow pyramid. It assumes that the needs of a higher order are actualized as the lower ones are satisfied. Before you talk to a person about high things, you need to feed him. The Russian authorities fail to feed the people, but instead they climb with the priority of the spiritual over the material.

“While the fat one dries, the thin one will die” - this is the original Russian truth of life..."

By the way, journalist Vasily Alenin cites interesting data on this subject:

“But the Russians do not agree with the conclusions of Lyubimova. Of the 10 highest-grossing films of 2021, 8 are in the United States or the United States + other countries, and only 2 are in the Russian Federation, as in 2018. In 2019 - 1. In the most successful 2020, as many as 4!