Posted 25 января 2022,, 10:04

Published 25 января 2022,, 10:04

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Yevgeny Ponasenkov: New history "from Chubaryan" harms Russia's national interests

Yevgeny Ponasenkov: New history "from Chubaryan" harms Russia's national interests

25 января 2022, 10:04
The head of the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, co-chairman of the Russian Historical Society (RIO) Alexander Chubaryan said that in the concept of teaching the school course of world history being developed, it is planned not to focus on Europe.

It's planned to pay more attention to the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Chubaryan's statement caused a flurry of protests and emotions in the scientific community. One of the most uncompromising critics is the historian Yevgeny Ponasenkov, who, in a commentary to Novye Izvestia, stated the following.

"My official statement in connection with the new concept for textbooks voiced by Comrade Chubaryan, where the history of Europe and Europeans is being destroyed - and absolutely artificially, unscientifically, a lot of wasteful attention is paid to Africa and Asia, where meanings and facts are being replaced.

- The scientific approach presupposes exceptional mathematical, biological objectivity: that's how much a region or a group of primates has contributed to civilization - so many pages in a monograph or textbook.

- The concepts and phenomena themselves - science, monograph, textbook, university, academician, ministry, concept, media, history, standard - all these are discoveries, inventions made in Europe. Therefore, only Eurocentrism is an objective approach.

Electricity, the Internet, cars, airplanes, telephones, human rights, the Constitution, physics, chemistry, history, musical notation - all these are gifts only to Western civilization.

- In science and education there should be nothing artificial, violent, aggressively introduced as an ideology.

- Conduct a scientific experiment: remove from world history, for example, the "achievements" of Negro countries - and in your life, at home, at home, at work, everything will remain in its place, nothing will disappear. And then remove the visible fruits of the Europeans - and you will be left naked on dirty cold ground. You will have no home, no car, no clothes, no internet, no phone, no book, nothing. Thus, the scientific experiment impeccably proves that Africa's contribution is zero or negligible. And to artificially pay as much attention to him in textbooks as to Europeans - this is anti-scientific sabotage.

- In recent years there have been calls from leftist terrorists to abolish the study of geniuses such as Shakespeare, Goethe, etc. Good, but these terrorists have nothing to offer in return - the savages simply do not have any literature! If they had Shakespeare, Goethe, Dante, Moliere, Lermontov, Petrarch, Thomas Mann, Maugham, Byron, Mickiewicz, Bunin, Nabokov, etc. - there would be no problems, but they are not!

- I am convinced that the new concept is destructive, its authors violate all the laws of logic, mathematics, history and common sense, in fact, they are pests.

They damage Russia's national interests and common European values and interests. They are traitors to the scientific search for truth and traitors to the interests of my country.

- The reasons for Chubaryan's behavior are obvious to me: this, I would say, is a political weather vane. The main thing for him is to hold on under all regimes - he wrote according to Marxist quotes, then switched to as if democratic, then to as if Putin, now he has sunk to leftist propaganda of the level of gopniks from BLM. This is a shame and an abomination. And the actions of him and his henchmen deal a huge blow to the scientific and educational process.

- I ask fellow scientists and all citizens of Russia, Europe and the USA to resist the anti-scientific leftist obscurantism. In fact, our history and achievements of science, our human face and our interests are being stolen from us.

This is how they steal our future as a civilized, cultured country...