Posted 26 января 2022,, 09:09

Published 26 января 2022,, 09:09

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A resident of Alma-Ata: “It was a test for the status of a Human”

A resident of Alma-Ata: “It was a test for the status of a Human”

26 января 2022, 09:09
“Where I was at the moment, they were shooting. Everyone within my circle is alive and almost healthy... The sticky feeling of fear and uncertainty that is in the air is gradually changing to confidence in the future”, - Vyacheslav Anisov noted in an interview with Novye Izvestia.

The theater actor, a resident of Alma-Ata, published an emotional post-comprehension of what happened in Kazakhstan:

“What is a revolution?! These are empty playgrounds. Empty streets. Garbage and broken glass scattered around. Wreckage of burnt cars. The walls of buildings with burned-out eye sockets of windows and doors.

These are closed shops, or shops in which everything has been swept clean.

These are people who, without saying a word, try to quickly walk through the streets and always look back...

These are automatic single shots, and the queues that answer them.

These are murders and mockery of sometimes innocent people. These are the screams of people, and the smell of burning that hangs in the air.

This is a fog of complex composition that wants you to be afraid. I was afraid all the time...

It sticks to the shoes, circles around, trying to look inside the person.

These are endless attempts by couch experts to say what would be the right thing to do in this situation ...

But the worst thing, this is the thinnest line between a cultured, reasonable person - and an animal, ready for the wildest manifestations of the animal state; rob "so far with impunity", "loot".

And this line can be swept away instantly...

You know, like bears. The only (maybe wrong) animal that makes it impossible to tell when it's attacking. And the pupils will remain the same, and the mood.

And yet... This is consolidation, support for each other. Politeness, compliance, willingness to help... Come to the rescue.

Patience to all of us. Kingdom of Heaven to the departed, the perished. Bow to the ground, to all who stood to the end, and remained a man.

What is a revolution?! It's a test of human status...

At least that's how life shows. And this person cannot pass the exam externally, or buy good grades. This is an exam every day! I mourn with everyone, and I believe that this will change, along with everyone”, - Vyacheslav wrote.