Posted 26 января 2022, 13:39

Published 26 января 2022, 13:39

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Question of the day for Deputy Vasserman: Do you remember what the Nazis said about your people?

26 января 2022, 13:39
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The infamous State Duma deputy made fascist statements about the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian language.

The infamous television character Anatoly Vasserman, who became a State Duma deputy as a result of a more than dubious vote count, has long been famous for his wild statements on any topic. However, what he said in his blog the day before goes beyond all limits. Vasserman said that the Ukrainian people are "artificially composed." And that if we stop recognizing the existence of the Ukrainian people, then “the source of danger will also disappear”.

Moreover, this, so to speak, "deputy" called the Ukrainian language a dialect of Russian and compared its vocabulary with the thieves fen: "It is also understood by few people, but this is no reason to consider criminals as a separate people".

As you know, the so-called "useful idiots" exist in the political bodies of almost any country, it is on them that the limits of what is permissible in a particular state sphere are worked out. However, for all the scandalous statements that such people make in civilized countries, they always remain within the law. In Russia, which the language does not dare to call a civilized state, this is not so. Here, people in power can carry any nonsense, even fascist ones, as Zhirinovsky did recently, and now Vasserman does, thereby fueling militaristic hysteria in society.

The statements of a person who was “elected” as a deputy for unknown merit did not go unnoticed on social networks:

- This freak, with clearly expressed dementia, allows himself frankly fascist statements. And the fact that such a member of the State Duma is a fierce hell, far beyond common sense.

- Deputy Vasserman said that if we stop recognizing the existence of the Ukrainian people, then the ground for conflicts will also disappear. Paradoxically, past Nazis said the same words about the people of Vasserman himself.

- I remind you. Not so long ago, in one state, it was officially believed that without the people to which Vasserman belongs, many problems would also disappear.

I wonder how Vasserman's colleagues in the State Duma will react to these statements? Will they unanimously support the nonsense of a colleague or will they pretend that "this is how it should be"?