Posted 26 января 2022, 06:29

Published 26 января 2022, 06:29

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The planned hospitalization of children in Moscow is stopped due to the situation with coronavirus

26 января 2022, 06:29
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In connection with the increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection in children in Moscow, the authorities of the capital decided to stop the planned hospitalization of minors for three weeks.

As it was reported in the Moscow Health Department, during the past two weeks children began to contract COVID-19 to 14 times more frequently than it was before. The number of hospitalizations increased tenfold during this period.

They added that an emergency assistance will be provided in full. In addition, the ban will not affect patients with cancer.

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Health issued permission to conduct clinical trials of the Sputnik M vaccine on children, follows from the data of the state register of medicines.

It's worth reminding that the number of parents who are ready to vaccinate their children against coronavirus has increased in the country.

In a number of Russian regions , preparations have begun for the vaccination of minors.