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Published 27 января 2022,, 07:38

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Fear and Loathing in Luybov* Village. Why teachers tortured a student from Transbaikalia

Fear and Loathing in Luybov* Village. Why teachers tortured a student from Transbaikalia

27 января 2022, 07:38
A big scandal in the small village Luybov* (in Russian this means Love - editor's note) in the Trans-Baikal Territory. After reading monographs that went beyond the school curriculum, 14-year-old Vadim T. had questions.

He wanted to discuss them with the history teacher. The teacher did not know the answer. For this, together with the director, they "fed" the too smart insect with blackmail and contempt

Julia Suntsova

The debatable questions about history puzzled the teacher and he did not think of anything better than to complain about the too inquisitive student to the director. History teacher Igor Pushkarev insulted the teenager, calling him a "monkey", "insect", "trash" and forbade him to attend classes. Director Zoya Matvveyeva took the side of the teacher and gave the family an ultimatum: either you look for another school or pay for each lesson - the entrance to the classroom is strictly with receipts from the accounting department.

Vadim asked for help from human rights activists and famous historians. But the removal of the quarrel from the hut inflamed the teachers even more.

According to Vadim, every visit to school is accompanied by terrible scenes with insults, humiliation, and yelling. He managed to record one of his “dialogues” with the headmistress on audio.

The headmistress yells at the child in the presence of the mother:

He says one word, he says ten words. Anyway, we won't talk about this anymore. Looking for a teacher, looking for a school. There are many teachers, many schools. I don’t know where your parents will take you, but you won’t study history here anymore! Or let mom pay every hour. The accountant will calculate, please, we will present it to you, - the woman says on the record.

- What exactly did I break, can you tell me, please? asks Vadim.

- All your rights [you violated]. Now I'll give you more examples here, - the woman yells.

- He [the history teacher] told me that I am a bug, that I am 14 years old and how can I argue with him [on the content of the monograph].

- Correctly he said, in his place I would say the same thing, - the headmistress answers.

The class teacher did not fail to join in the mockery - she recommended listening to the director - and either apologize or leave the school. In response, Vadim brought the Constitution of Russia to the school and invited the class teacher to read Art. 43, which reads:

"one. Everyone has the right to education. 2. The general availability and free of charge of pre-school, basic general and secondary vocational education in state or municipal educational institutions and enterprises are guaranteed <…>”.

According to Vadim, the class teacher refused to read together, saying that she "doesn't care about the Constitution."

The most offensive: they did not support the child at home either. After the conflict at school, mother and aunt did not stand up for Vadim, but began to put even more pressure on him - tearfully demanded to apologize to the "historian" and the headmistress so that it would not get worse.

Meanwhile, after the story was made public, the prosecutor's office announced an unscheduled inspection of the MBOU "Lyubavinskaya Secondary School".

Digging under the teacher, the bloggers discovered that Igor Alexandrovich Pushkarev could not actually work as a history teacher! The reason is simple: he has never studied this specialization and does not have the appropriate qualifications.

“By specialization, he is not a history teacher. In addition, in violation of the requirements for educational activities, this teacher has not mastered additional professional programs in the field of pedagogical activity over the past three years, has not undergone professional retraining, which every teacher must take every three years, otherwise he should be removed from teaching.

The Labor Code of Russia provides for dismissal due to the inconsistency of the employee with the position held or the work performed due to insufficient qualifications, confirmed by the results of certification.

The "qualification" of the fake history teacher, in fact, was clearly visible even without guards. Bloggers, for example, found on his page on social networks discussions about the Russian people, "which is the most ancient people on earth, from which all peoples descended," and "whose empire, with the best weapon in the world of the millennium, kept the entire Universe in obedience and humility" ( ?!)

How such a person was even allowed to teach history to the children of the village of Lyubov remains a mystery.

The day before, Igor Pushkarev, without waiting for the arrival of prosecutors, wrote a letter of resignation of his own free will.

“Today, the director was heard in the education committee in the presence of my deputy. Tomorrow the commission of the education committee will work at the school. The history teacher wrote a letter of resignation,” said the head of the Kyrinsky district, Lyubov Sakiyaeva.

However, even after the fake historian was exposed, the school administration was unable to turn back on, they did not apologize to Vadim and did not abandon their attempts to expel him or transfer him to paid education.

- I was practically expelled from school and blackmailed by the fact that they will leave me without a certificate. They try to make everything to blame. I don't know what to do with all this. I just read a few scientific papers and asked questions about them. How can I defeat them, how can I restore my name? .. - the student asks.

The historian Yevgeny Ponasenkov stood up for the teenager:

“Director Zoya Matveyeva screams heart-rendingly at the child, because of her savagery she is not even able to formulate her thoughts. She says, "You violated all your rights." But it is she who violates all the rights of a child and a citizen of the Russian Federation, and is not even able to realize this because of her ignorance, her impudence. People like her are used to the fact that everything happens in the dungeons and that no one will hear it. Will hear. Today's school in the provinces often already to such an extent does not correspond to any realities, let alone Western ones, even ours. She is so out of touch with life that when faced with reality, such horrors occur. One enlightened student has questions, and his body cannot but react to the difference between what, obviously, to a sane person, and what is being imposed on him - the system acts like bedbugs in a jar: these mediocrities try to hold on to each other and not allow nothing free next to you.

Lawyers comment:

Pushkarev Igor Alexandrovich with his insults, and director Matveyeva Zoya Vladimirovna, in turn, with unfounded cries, unwillingness to help the child and objectively understand the situation, while blackmailing a child from a low-income family with the fact that he will not be able to receive education at this school, and will be obliged to study for a fee with tutors, directly violated both the provisions of the Charter of the school - the Municipal Budgetary General Educational Institution "Lyubavinskaya Secondary General Education School", and the requirements of Part 1 of Article 48 of the Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation", according to which teachers are obliged to:

1) carry out their activities at a high professional level, ensure the full implementation of the taught subject, course, discipline (module) in accordance with the approved work program;

2) comply with legal, moral and ethical standards, follow the requirements of professional ethics;

3) respect the honor and dignity of students and other participants in educational relations;

4) to develop in students cognitive activity, independence, initiative, creative abilities, to form a civic position, the ability to work and live in the conditions of the modern world, to form a culture of a healthy and safe lifestyle among students, etc.

For these violations, in our opinion, the so-called “history teacher” and the director, who blackmailed the student by not allowing the student to take lessons and, accordingly, depriving him of the opportunity to obtain a certificate of education, should at least be held accountable for disciplinary action in the form of dismissal for clause 8 of article 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation: for the commission by an employee performing educational functions of an immoral offense incompatible with the continuation of this work.

Novye Izvestia sent an official request to the director of the MBOU Lyubavinskaya Secondary School Zoya Vladimirovna Matveyeva with a request to comment on the demand to transfer student Vadim T. to paid education. At the time of publication, no response was received.

* The word Luybov* in Russian language means Love