Posted 27 января 2022, 10:21

Published 27 января 2022, 10:21

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Why Russian comedians don't joke about politics

27 января 2022, 10:21
Елена Рыковцева
On domestic television, it is almost impossible to hear jokes from domestic comedians not only about Putin, but even about Biden, and there are good reasons for this.

Yelena Rykovtseva*, journalist

It is especially touching how conscientiously Russian television translates American comedians. Here he was joking with Biden. Here above Zelensky. Here he ironically spoke about the world's fears of Putin's invasion.

All this is terribly like Russian TV programs. Just saw another sweet American comic piece in News One. These comedians love to quote the banner of Russian propaganda - Skabeev's 60 minutes. Etc…

Why beg on enemy TV? Why spend money on translation? Why not quote your comedians on the same current topics?

Because Russian comedians don't joke about politics.

Because it's more expensive. Well, fuck her. It's safer to joke about the ass.

But, you ask, isn't it safe to joke that Biden is insanity, Zelensky is a clown, Putin is the right guy, and the Russian invasion is Ukrainian paranoia?


Absolutely safe.


In the Russian Federation, it’s zapad to joke about such things.

This is a comedian, if he jokes about all this, it means he licks his ass. This means he will not be listened to even with standard (non-political) jokes. It means he is fu. Unassuming.

In America, it doesn't mean anything at all. In America, if he says that Biden is a fool, and Zelensky is a clown, well, this means that this is how they joke.

And in the Russian Federation, this means that they lick.

Because in the Russian Federation there is one line of the party.

And if you're joking in the government - you lick.

And so your party will disdain you.

And if you joke that Putin is bad, and Biden just thinks well, the channel (or club) where you broadcast this will be shut down in FIG. Or they will send you if you, God forbid, do not have Russian citizenship.

That's why you don't joke about politics at all.

In principle, in the Russian Federation you can find consistently loyal subjects. Right now they are concentrating in Maslyakov's KVN. But TV games are rare. The war is already over, but the semi-finals are not to be seen.

Therefore, Russian TV cannot quote Russian comedians. Therefore, rummaging through American channels.

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*The author, Yelena Rykovtseva, was recognized as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation