Posted 28 января 2022, 07:22

Published 28 января 2022, 07:22

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46% of the world's inhabitants of the Earth consider Russia's foreign policy destabilizing

28 января 2022, 07:22
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29% of the inhabitants of the Earth, polled by the International Association Gallup International and the research holding "Romir", believe that the foreign policy pursued by Russia will stabilize the situation in the world.

As specifies RIA Novosti news agency, citing the results of a study with this opinion agree 86% of respondents from Albania, 76% of respondents from Vietnam, 64% - in Serbia, 62% - in Kazakhstan, 57% - in India.

46% of the study participants said that the foreign policy pursued by Moscow is destabilizing.

The same respondents perceive China's foreign policy. It is negatively evaluated in the Middle East, Europe, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Switzerland and India. At the same time, the most positive assessment of China's behavior is in Albania - 79%, Kenya, Malaysia and Nigeria - 64% each, Pakistan - 58% , Serbia - 56% and Thailand - 53%.

Earlier it became known that fewer and fewer Americans approve of the policies of President Joe Biden. Since November 2021, the approval rating of the incumbent US president has dropped from 36% to 33%.