Posted 31 января 2022,, 07:46

Published 31 января 2022,, 07:46

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Canadian Revolution: People Are Tired and Demand to Lift Anti-Covid Measures

Canadian Revolution: People Are Tired and Demand to Lift Anti-Covid Measures

31 января 2022, 07:46
In a quiet and disciplined Canada, a crowd of one and a half million angry citizens, who call themselves the "Freedom Convoy", surrounded the capital of the country, Ottawa, and demand that the coronavirus pandemic, with all its violations of customary rights and freedoms, along with mandatory vaccination, be canceled.

Sergey Kron

If you believe the reports of the CBC television company, the Canadians boiled so much that it resulted in the most massive march on the capital in the history of the Maple Leaf Country in more than 80 thousand cars, led by truckers. During the day, more than 1.5 million people joined them. Among the rebels, according to eyewitnesses, there are many outcasts, but for the most part they are young people, people of the middle and older generations, teachers, students, farmers and even parliament deputies. By the way, several thousand marchers specially came to Canada from the United States.

The column of demonstrators moved for two days along one of the highways passing through the major metropolitan areas of the country. Along the way, more trucks and foot Canadians joined her. People walked for several days with signs "To hell with Trudeau!" and “No restrictions!”. Thousands of local residents with flags and banners stood along roadsides and on bridges to greet the participants in the convoy.

Judging by the statements of the protesters, many of them oppose the country's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who, according to the Globe and Mail newspaper, was taken with his family by security to a "secret place". He was already reminded that he inherited the premiership from his father, a very popular politician. They remembered Trudeau and too luxurious, according to Canadians, a way of life, and a vacation in the Bahamas, which took 127 thousand dollars from the state budget, and unfulfilled campaign promises. So, Trudeau advocated an end to the bombing of Syria and immediately concluded an agreement on billions of dollars in arms supplies to Saudi Arabia, which is bombing rebels in Yemen.

When the noise of people and car horns subside, the protesters hold something like rallies, where everyone can speak. One way or another, but they all demand that the Canadian authorities urgently cancel the "boring pandemic" and mandatory vaccination. “Let those who want to inject!” is the slogan of the day.

In fact, Canadians have been preparing for a protest for a long time. They even created an asset led by heavy truck drivers from the start. These hard workers are dissatisfied with the fact that when crossing the border with the United States they are required to have a vaccination passport

Representatives of Canadian transport companies reported that this measure has already affected about 16 thousand drivers (up to 15%). But in the end, many times more people went up to the protest march, even according to official information.

According to rumors, even Catholic nuns and Orthodox priests supported the Canadian protest.

On Sunday, already in Ottawa, participants in the rally demanded that the authorities lift all restrictions related to the pandemic and vaccination of the population.