Posted 31 января 2022,, 14:19

Published 31 января 2022,, 14:19

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In St. Petersburg, patients with symptoms of ARVI and COVID-19 complain about long queues

In St. Petersburg, patients with symptoms of ARVI and COVID-19 complain about long queues

31 января 2022, 14:19
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In St. Petersburg, queues have formed today at the duty room for patients with symptoms of ARVI and COVID-19. Residents of St. Petersburg have to stand outside for several hours to seek medical attention, and there is a large crowd of people indoors.

Local residents complain about unsuccessful attempts to call doctors at home. In some cases, doctors have been waiting since last Monday, but no one has arrived.

“People are arriving. If my temperature was not very high, then after such a standing on the street, it will definitely rise higher”, - one of the patients in the queue told reporters.

According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, more than 20 people were seen outside polyclinic department No. 53, and about 50 people were inside the building. Reception is conducted by only 3 doctors who can not cope with the flow of patients. In other polyclinics, there is only one physician.

According to the local publication, queues from the door and “to the horizon” formed at the entrances to the clinics of the Leningrad Region. Many local residents came to apply for sick leave, which cannot be opened when calling an ambulance or by phone.

The epidemiological situation in the region continues to escalate - on January 30, almost 18 thousand new cases of infection were detected in St. Petersburg. The regional government tried to solve the problem by opening rooms for patients with symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections and COVID-19, which have been operating since January 24, but even this, judging by the queues formed, was not enough.