Posted 2 февраля 2022, 12:45

Published 2 февраля 2022, 12:45

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“So the censorship is already right here!” Alexander Kalyagin - on the preservation of spiritual values

2 февраля 2022, 12:45
Фото: Союз театральных деятелей России (СТД РФ - ВТО) / Facebook
The actor and chairman of the Union of Theater Workers of Russia reacted sharply to the new project, which involves tightening control over culture and education.

A statement by the chairman of the organization Alexander Kalyagin appeared on the website of the Union of Theater Workers of Russia (STD RF - Union of Theater Workers), Colta reports. The actor reacted to the discussion of the draft presidential decree "On the approval of the Fundamentals of State Policy for the Preservation and Strengthening of Traditional Russian Spiritual and Moral Values".

“Literally out of nowhere, we are offered a draft of a new document, in which its authors (by the way, it would be nice to know them) directly and unequivocally state that state support for culture and education (attention!) Is impossible without establishing additional control”, - writes Kalyagin. - Blimey! Lived up! Control, control, control! Friends! We've been through it all... As you can see from the text of the project: everything that is not connected with the preservation of traditional values is not necessary, moreover, it is forbidden. How will culture develop then? How, then, can you effectively convey your traditional values and enhance Russia's role in the world without the constant development of the artistic language? But how then, with the control that is being prepared, or simply speaking, censorship (prohibited, let me remind you, by our Constitution), will a creative experiment be carried out? And, finally, art is a reflection of life, with its shortcomings and virtues, and all of a sudden we are offered only the preservation of what is declared traditional, then all other themes should simply not be in art? Is it possible?"

The full text of Alexander Kalyagin's statement can be read on the STD website (Union of Theater Workers).