Posted 6 февраля 2022,, 22:55

Published 6 февраля 2022,, 22:55

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Dozens of prisoners of the Ulyanovsk colony organized a hunger strike

Dozens of prisoners of the Ulyanovsk colony organized a hunger strike

6 февраля 2022, 22:55
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The day before, on February 5, 38 prisoners of the Ulyanovsk strict regime penal colony No. 10 refused to eat, the Department of the Federal Service for the Executi reported. According to human rights activists, there are hundreds of hunger strikers, and the day before the hunger strike was announced, they were mocked.

According to Interfax, referring to the Federal Penitentiary Service, all 38 prisoners are "malicious violators of the established procedure for serving sentences and are kept in cells of a punishment cell, cell-type premises, and a detachment of strict conditions for serving sentences".

The prisoners decided to go on a hunger strike to protest against regime demands, morning routine, and searches.

It should be noted that in the colony they are serving sentences for committing grave and especially grave crimes.

The Federal Penitentiary Service noted that the hungry are under the control of health workers, their health condition is assessed as satisfactory.

According to the department, on February 4, the convicts damaged property in the cells. The amount of damage is specified. The materials of the check were sent to the investigating authorities.

The colony continues to operate normally.

According to 7x7, the prisoners who ended up in punishment cells and a single cell-type room went on a hunger strike.

At the same time, the project reports that there are many more hungry people. Human rights activists believe that we are talking about hundreds of convicts. The project participants also state that the day before the prisoners went on a hunger strike, they were bullied:

- They beat me, dipped my head into toilet bowls and threatened to rape me.

Prisoners of this colony complained about bullying in September last year.

Recall that in the fall of last year, in the institution of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Ulyanovsk region, prisoners also went on a hunger strike. Then it happened in IK-2 of a strict regime - 12 people refused food.