Posted 7 февраля 2022,, 15:54

Published 7 февраля 2022,, 15:54

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Nicaraguan channel controlled by Russian military bases: bluff or reality?

Nicaraguan channel controlled by Russian military bases: bluff or reality?

7 февраля 2022, 15:54
On the subject of the possible deployment of Russian military bases in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council D. Medvedev said that it is "unreasonable" to talk about these bases, because it "provokes tension in the world".

He said how he cut it off, but not everyone perceived his words as "cast in granite".

Eugene Bai

Russian Ambassador to Nicaragua Alexander Khokholikov has just expressed his opinion on this issue. He called the presence of the Russian military in this country "legal". According to the diplomat, Russian military specialists work on the territory of the state on legal grounds, this is necessary for the exchange of experience, exercises and joint fight against crime.

The ambassador, of course, is not talking about the possibility of deploying Russian missile bases in Nicaragua. But even his comments about the “legality” of the presence of the Russian military in this country have a certain connotation.

In February 2015, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visited Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. In all three countries, it was formally about military-technical cooperation. And informally, the minister tried to negotiate with the authorities of these countries on the possible use of their territory for refueling Russian strategic bombers and the constant call of warships. Havana, on the wave of a thaw in relations with the United States, initiated by Barack Obama, reacted coldly to this idea. We agreed with Nicolas Maduro mainly on large deliveries of Russian weapons. But Nicaragua allowed Russian warships to enter two of its ports - Pacific Corinto and Atlantic Bluefields, while they began to receive permission to enter automatically.

And at the same time, discussions began on a fantastic project for the construction of the Nicaraguan Canal with the help of Russia and China, which would become an understudy for the Panama Canal.

And, it seems, then a contractor was found, a certain Chinese entrepreneur Wang Jing, head of HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co Ltd. However, it soon became clear that the Chinese was an ordinary swindler, a kind of Ostap Bender, who wanted to swindle investors for money, but he was not going to build any channel.

The project stalled for other reasons as well. Its construction caused a massive protest of the Indian tribes living on the lands through which the water artery should pass.

However, this idea continues to haunt the brains of Russian political scientists. “ Imagine the situation: an alternative to the Panama Canal in Nicaragua is being created, while all this work is guarded by the Russian military. Will someone try to get in there? - says military expert Ivan Konovalov to Lenta.

Indeed, a real nightmare for America! At the entrance and exit of the canal there are Russian warships, which completely control all maritime traffic, and China is investing in construction, and not some kind of adventurers, but the government.

That is, by joint efforts, the two powers, which the United States considers its enemies, will show Kuz'kin's mother to the "paper tiger." An excellent example of the strategic cooperation just announced in Beijing.

And the Nicaraguan authorities will definitely like this story. The Russian authorities keep saying that the opening of military bases in other states "depends on the sovereign decisions of these countries"

Cuba did not and will not agree to such a placement. It is very dependent on tourism, including American, as well as on remittances from Cuban-Americans from Miami, who make up the lion's share of foreign exchange earnings in its budget.

Venezuela is hoping for a gradual easing of US economic sanctions, which would allow it to breathe life into the degraded oil industry due to the lack of foreign loans. She gladly receives tanks and armored personnel carriers from Russia, but is unlikely to agree to the construction of military bases.

Another thing is the duo of the once brave rebel-turned-dilapidated dictator, 76-year-old Daniel Ortega, and his wife and vice president, 70-year-old Rosario Murillo, an author of erotic collections known for her addiction to drugs. Last November, they "won" the elections, having previously thrown all seven of their political opponents in jail.

They have 4 more years of unlimited power ahead of them. And they are indifferent to the sanctions of America, which, after the farce with the elections, deprived the ruling family of the right to enter the United States. They don't give a damn about the attitude of most of their neighbors on the continent, who have expelled Nicaragua from the Organization of American States.

Russian military bases? Why not. Nicaraguan channel? Great if China gives money.

And he will, it is no coincidence that last year Managua severed relations with Taiwan, which were established at the beginning of the century by the democratic government of Violetta Chamorro, and restored diplomatic relations with Beijing.

And if Moscow decides to recognize the DPR and LPR, then Nicaragua will immediately support Russia. In 2008, this country became one of the four countries in the world that recognized South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Crimea was recognized by Nicaragua 10 days after it became Russian.

For money, this regime will sing and dance. Well, how not to use the services of such a wonderful "traditional ally"!

However, with great difficulty it seems that the United States, which has been hosting Central America as if in its backyard for more than a hundred years, will allow Ortega to dig at least a hundred meters of the future canal out of the estimated 286 kilometers. Surely all contractors will be under sanctions, and in the roadstead in front of a pair of Russian destroyers, some new aircraft carrier with numerous surroundings will loom.