Posted 7 февраля 2022,, 15:45

Published 7 февраля 2022,, 15:45

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"Pure fake!" Vote for cultural bonds ends in scandal

"Pure fake!" Vote for cultural bonds ends in scandal

7 февраля 2022, 15:45
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During and even after the official vote on the draft decree on “traditional values”, phenomenal falsifications took place.

The expected scandal erupted over the weekend on social networks. The reason for it was the vote on the "Federal Portal of Normative Acts" on the draft decree on "traditional values", or, simply speaking, the draft decree on the official introduction of censorship in the Russian Federation. On Friday at midnight, this vote, in which the opponents of braces were in the lead, expectedly ended with an invasion of bots, which quickly corrected the picture that was unfavorable to them, and the project was approved. However, even on this, the state did not calm down and quietly continued voting, and in the most criminal way. The participants in the process themselves found out about this by chance, but with amazement and anger. Here is what the well-known Moscow journalist Marina Davydova writes about this:

“I have to repent, I did not imagine the scale of the state scam into which I dragged many of my friends two days ago. I think you didn’t, either, because what I encountered surpasses all conceivable ideas about the meaning of a sonorous Russian word (followed by a swear word denoting gross deceit - editor's note). So.

“I repeat, the voting took place on the STATE portal. We expected stuffing, carousels, bot raids and so on. And yes yes! There were throw-ins, of course!

Shortly before the end of the voting, votes for censorship suddenly began to increase by a hundred per minute. There were noticeably more voices against censorship at that moment, an obvious victory began to turn into a pumpkin before our eyes, our smart IT specialist told us exactly how the invasion of bots takes place, how they register 20 (or even 100) mailboxes. How easy it is to buy these boxes on the internet market. “No one except the owner of the portal has access to user data, and only the owner of the portal (that is, in this case, the state) recognizes or does not recognize certain votes as “fake”.”

The expert told us!

And now what I saw with my own eyes.

Listen! What authorizations! This is all, according to Comrade Bender, a child's game of a rat! There are more efficient methods.

On the morning of February 5, I, having registered two days ago and already left my vote against, magically calmly managed to vote “yes”! The "against" button was at the same time - ahaha! – blocked.

I did not raise my hand to conduct my experiment several times. But the abyss suddenly opened before me. Why go the hard way! You just need to open access to the “for” button to everyone, and allow the “against” button strictly by registration. Everything!

No cheating, pure banditry.

This morning, many hours after the end of the voting (!), for some reason it was still going on. What will be its result, it does not matter at all!

In fact, tomorrow on such a portal you can hang a draft decree that all people who do not respect "traditional values" can be beheaded at the Execution Ground. And he will also get a lot of votes in favor. I am amazed why this simple thought has not yet occurred to the initiator of this disgrace, the former deputy of Mr. Medinsky, Mr. Aristarkhov, and their entire office.

A state that turns itself into a scam at all levels is something new in political science. I have no more words or energy to write about it.

Despair. Black hopeless despair ... "

Colleagues Davydova commented on this post in different ways. For example, publicist Yegor Sedov is sure that this decree will not work in any case.

“Of course, if something comes out of this “moral code”, then only a law that does not work. They had so many good things. Someone in the Laundry got money (a lot, I guess) for developing the "code" - and that's it. But if they dare, the people will be very interested to hear that it has been decided for them, that for them, the people, "spiritual values" are more important than material ones. If some lecturers decide to explain this point to people in the form of lectures, then I would recommend the lecturers first learn how to run fast. And as for cheating, who will now remember the story of the "Name of Russia"? As if something has changed since then! (If it has changed, then only for the worse)..."

Journalist Semyon Novoprudsky believes it was an important experience:

“It is still a very useful and important experience. Exactly for this reason, everything possible must be done to ban electronic voting in any elections. Or never participate in electronic voting…”

Journalist Nadezhda Yegorova , on the contrary, is sure that this experience is useless:

“It seems to me generally strange to hope that something will be accepted based on the results of someone's votes. Yes, they will accept everything they need and about everything they need. Wow, the renovation was accepted. Land is taken from people, how hello. There is no more private property, but here there is some kind of censorship... It already exists, and for a long time. And these rides for the view..."

Journalist Tatyana Malkina admitted that although she did not expect to win, she learned a lot about the technologies that the authorities use in order to survive:

“For the first time, I practically forfeited my principles - I took part in a public vote on this site. And I do not regret it, although I still think that it is not necessary with thimbles. But now I have a completely clear idea about our foreseeable future - and about the progressive ways of expressing the will of the people (DEG) and about the values that will henceforth be imputed to the citizens of the Russian Federation. Very informative…"