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Published 7 февраля 2022, 16:18

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William Burroughs among Russian birches

7 февраля 2022, 16:18
Алина Витухновская
Everything that is happening now in Russia has already been described by Burroughs: insane annexation in the literal and figurative sense, as well as drug bad trips in real time.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Yesterday we remembered the American writer William Burroughs. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri on February 5, 1914. This is one of the key American authors of the second half of the 20th century. He is considered the most important representative of the beat generation. Along with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. Burroughs was a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Commander of the French Order of Arts and Letters. Burroughs is one of my favorite authors. Frankly, I am pleased when my name is mentioned next to his name.

"Only hell and the way out of it through an even more hellish hell into the great Nothing." It is no coincidence that Vitukhnovskaya mentions Burroughs over and over again (namely, five) in the book. She needs him as the discoverer of the language virus and the apostle of War (it seems that this is her favorite word) with him. Burroughs was at war with language, turning it into a thing—breaking the logical connections in it with a cut-up. Vitukhnovskaya takes the entire language virus into herself, like an Alien - like Officer Ripley, before throwing herself into outer space", - writes critic Arkady Smolin.

Alas, socialist consciousness strives to see "agitation and propaganda" everywhere. Manifesto. Cookbook. Tips for a righteous life and healthy lifestyle. How can we equip Russia (oh, annexation). Further everywhere. So Burroughs is perceived as anti-drug propaganda.

To my immodest, Burroughs is not about drugs. Drugs and homosexuality in his text are just metaphors. Guides to the black holes of the underside of being. Explosive insights.

In general, in short, with one slogan:

William Burroughs -

You are not Evgeny Roizman.

Freedom beyond moralizing is too much for autochthonous consciousness. But that's how she should be.

"Welcome to Annexation" is a famous slogan from Burroughs' novel Naked Lunch and David Cronenberg's film of the same name. With this phrase, the border guards meet the main characters when they rush at full speed "from one reality to another." In essence, it symbolizes an ongoing nightmare. This is how American thrillers always end. In them, no one can escape from maniacs-killers. With us, being itself acts as a maniac-murderer.

Annexation is “beautiful Russia of the future” translated from Burroughs into Russian. Why? Because the dichotomy "Guarantor - one well-known Oppositionist" in itself is anti-democratic and totalitarian. But Burroughs, of course, is no longer about the social, he is about the ontology of being, which is the true Dictatorship. It is against it that the dictatorship of the text, the dictatorship of language, revolts.

A quality text is, in a way, totalitarian in itself, because the meanings it insists on are destructive of reality. But it is totalitarian only for the philistine superficial consciousness. Destructive here - equally humanistic. Exactly. And not vice versa. For pseudo-humanism, to which we are accustomed, implies merging with reality, subjugation to it.

On the other hand, we see an attempt at a complete escape from reality, an absolute desertion. Moreover, this is not done by individual individuals who are in captivity of fears or hallucinations, but by the whole state. The main fear of the Russian state is not fear of NATO and not fear of a conditional Oppositionist. Just the situation with NATO, not to mention the Oppositionist, the Kremlin controls entirely. His main fear is the area on the border of existence and non-existence, briefly referred to as the afterlife.

Here we are not talking about metaphysics, but about social and political reality. That is, existing on the principle of “live through the day and sleep through the night,” the authorities have entered this mode to such an extent, have become so fused with this simple survival formula that they really cannot calculate the situation even for a year ahead. Not to mention building grandiose plans to match the image of the country created by propagandists.

A corrosive fear of the future forces one to seek salvation in retrospective immersions, the "memory of ancestors", written by agitpropists of history, which inevitably degenerates into a set of ridiculous, crumpled, contradictory myths, more reminiscent of delusional dreams. This fear gives rise to a cold numbness that emerges even against the backdrop of the Eurasian frenzied complacency.

In the meantime, the Kremlin is preoccupied with playing military power, the agenda is intercepted by completely unexpected people. A certain head of the All-Russian Officers' Assembly, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, in his appeal to citizens and the President of the Russian Federation, called on the Russian leadership not to use force against Ukraine. I have repeatedly said that national-patriotic forces should not be overlooked. They need to be dealt with carefully and thoughtfully. Otherwise, we will get a "creeping coup", moreover, under anti-government slogans, but we will not be the beneficiaries of these changes.

Now the systemic liberals are taking the protest out from under their noses. They pack it in a new (national-patriotic) wrapper and carry it somewhere, either where the party orders, or where God sends it. Why? The Lesheviks put the people to sleep. They put down the protest. Clearing the field first. Leaving it at the mercy of those who are simpler, but closer to the people. And I warned.

Everything that is happening now in Russia has already been described by Burroughs. Crazy annexation, literally and figuratively. As well as drug bad trips in real time. Only in Russia it turned out the other way around. In Burroughs, drugs should be understood as a metaphor. And in Russia they, as always, turn into real KGB evidence.

So, recently, forensic experts found cocaine in Prosvirnin's analyzes. Moreover, according to the source, the examination was carried out at the request of the family. I have already written about relatives as spies. Here is an example. Yegor's mother already wrote an angry statement that Yegor "drank beer", but he was not found! Disorder! I know many cases where parents literally gave up their children, guided by good intentions. Perhaps the parents, like the spouse, are also afraid of something.

I repeat, I do not believe that Prosvirnin committed suicide. My version is a political assassination. And here they seem to want to say to us - “They sniff their cocaine and jump out of the window shouting “For the Russian world!” and "Nya, death!"

So the marginal masochist M. sings along: “Yegorka was just always cool and understood, that's it, this is a professional limit! And the only consolation - personal life, did not work out. He is trying to himself. But M. has no talent, no public or private life. And the replica is a hybrid of sympathy and fear - “If only this wouldn’t happen to me!” A typical pattern of behavior of the average man in the street.