Posted 8 февраля 2022,, 14:49

Published 8 февраля 2022,, 14:49

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Personal experience: how I resurfaced floors in my daughter's school gym and what came out of it

8 февраля 2022, 14:49
The money allocated by the state for partial repairs was instantly stolen, and the physical education teacher had to paint the floor.

A remarkable story that perfectly characterizes the situation in our country was told in his blog by Novosibirsk businessman Yevgeny Pyatkovsky:

“In September, I collected signatures from the parents of school 146, ran to the mayor's office: I asked, demanded, cursed. He achieved that the mayor's office allocated 600 thousand rubles for the repair of the floor of the wretched gym.

And not a complete floor repair, but a partial one...

As a result, I find out that the floor was stupidly painted and painted by a physical education teacher...

Well, I did not bully, contact the prosecutor's office, but asked the former director of this school why is it SO in this country?

And this is what he replied:

  1. 600 thousand on the floor is not enough.
  2. Money will not be paid immediately
  3. For such money, no one will even talk.

Well, of course I didn't believe it. I did not believe and counted. Counted the complete replacement of the floor, not partial.

Standard hall, 9x18 meters. Let's immediately calculate the area of 162 sq.m.

1. How much does it cost to completely remove the old floor? We go to the website of the office and get the price of 130 R/sq.m. 130x162=21.060

Everything, the floor was removed, we will take out the garbage. another 8 tr. (with loaders and KAMAZ).

In total, we have already accumulated 29,060 rubles

2. Let's count the materials. Let's get out and buy the highest quality and most expensive - larch. Well, not bad for school larch on the floor. Oh, I'm not getting enough! Let's get category A larch (without knots at all), and even spliced (glued)? And let's also have a thorn-groove so that it sits like a glove? Come on, nothing is a pity for the native school! In addition, such wood will be brought free of charge. But we will add 3 tr to the loaders. does not matter. Well, we ask how much does such a board cost? Well, no, let's still get out: let the larch be also 32 cm thick. It's as if KAMAZ should drive on it and not spoil it, children, they are like KAMAZ trucks ... So, the most expensive floor board in Novosibirsk (only more expensive from oak) - 1200 r / sq.m.

We consider: 1200x162 + 3000 = 197.400 rubles.

Add up with export 197.400+29.060 = 223.460

Now we count the nails. Let's just buy 5000 screws. You never know where they will come in handy and we will spend 15,000 rubles on them... 223.460 + 15.000 = 238.460

And most importantly: paint! Although what the hell paint, paint for suckers, and here we are building a European standard gym. Let's LAC! And not just a lacquer, but a wear-resistant, fire-resistant lacquer, especially for gyms... For European gyms! Not Kukushka LLC, but Brand! Yes world! Ok, sir, it will be done: the most expensive varnish. The first layer needs 1 liter per 8 square meters. and the second layer needs 1 liter per 16 square meters. Total 1.5 liters per 8 sq.m. But we are wasteful. Let's use 2 liters per 8 sq.m. we will spend, the soul is Russian, wide ... We consider: 162 sq.m / 8 sq.m x 2 liters = 40 liters. German gym varnish costs 2.215 per litre. And plus we need one can of paint for marking. Lacquer paint is expensive: one liter is 6050 rubles. Let's take it with a margin. 2 liters. Total: 40x2.215 + 6050x2 = 100.700 rubles for a premium varnish for gyms made in Germany.

We have an intermediate total of 238.460+100.700=339.160. Let's add one more garbage collection for 8.000 here. 347.160.

600.000 does not come out in any way.

3. Ah, WORK. I didn't count the JOB. Work here for 3 days, but taking into account the fact that the varnish must dry with force majeure, then for a week. Laying the floor 100 r/sq.m and applying varnish 250 r/sq.m x2 coats = 500 r/sq.m.

These are not cheap prices, guys... These are not Uzbeks at 1.5 thousand a day... Total 600 rubles x 162 sq.m. = 97.200 rubles.

And do not tell me that 97 thousand for 3 days of work is not enough. Uzbeks work for 1.5 thousand a day. Two Uzbeks are enough to lay the finished floor in the grooves. For three days it is 9.000.

We add up... 347.160+ 97.200 rubles = 444.360.

4. But now school principals will fly in and start yelling about the fact that you have to wait a year for money, although the money was allocated in October, which means they would have paid their maximum in December, but we’ll count the year anyway, we’re spendthrifts.

And let's take a loan secured by a car, under extortionate 50% per annum! + 100.000 for interest on the loan.

544.360 rubles.

Oh yes, they waited a year for money, they gave it to the bank - no one for themselves? Won't go! And a fifty dollars for myself!

In short, for 600,000 a complete replacement of the floor with eurolarch and eurolacquer. So they also gave the bank 100 thousand and another 50 thousand on top, enough for blackjack and whores.

WHERE? WHERE in this equation is a physical education teacher painting the floor for 600 thousand rubles? And where is the money, Zina (it's a line from the famous V. Vysotsky's song - editor's note)...

The former director says that the money has not been stolen. I do not believe. But if they are not stolen, then such a director should be driven out. That's for sure.

What about children? They are Russian children... Let them play basketball in shit.

P. _ S. _

For the nerds who tell tales about the need for a floor replacement project.

Appendix 3 PPM 508 in part 14: “no design documentation is required when performing finishing (cosmetic) repairs of premises, including replacement of wall, floor and ceiling finishing coatings”