Posted 8 февраля 2022,, 08:09

Published 8 февраля 2022,, 08:09

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Poor boy... The network discusses the "wonderful" transformation of Roman Protasevich

Poor boy... The network discusses the "wonderful" transformation of Roman Protasevich

8 февраля 2022, 08:09
Former Belarusian oppositionist Roman Protasevich became a zealous supporter of the Lukashenka regime

Serious passions flared up in social networks about the fate of the Belarusian oppositionist Roman Protasevich. This most important ethical problem is directly related to everything that is happening both in Belarus and in Russia. Recall that in May 2021, a Ryanair plane made an emergency landing at Minsk airport due to a false bomb report. After landing, Protasevich, the former editor-in-chief of the opposition channel Nexta, and his girlfriend Sofya Sapega, who were on this flight, were detained on charges of extremism.

God was merciful - he did not kill anyone

And so the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko said on February 6 literally the following: “Protasevich did not kill in Donbass. But, you see, he arrived, a machine gun on his shoulder, took a picture, posted it on the net - kid. This is a kid who is 18 years old, we had a lot of them, went to the camp, to Ukraine to train. Train. And then, in order to mix him up with blood, they sent him to the Donbass. Good thing he didn't shoot there. I invited law enforcement officers from Donetsk here, they came to interrogate him. But we know for sure - God had mercy on him, he did not kill in the Donbass. If it were, the situation would be different”.

These words of Lukashenko were not accidental. The fact is that a number of member states of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have expressed concern that the information provided by Belarus regarding the incident with the Protasevich landing in Minsk in 2021 has gaps and inconsistencies. In January this year, ICAO released a report on the investigation into the forced landing of a Ryanair aircraft in Belarus. The report says that the Belarusian authorities' lies about the bomb on the plane were deliberate. That is, in fact, international experts admitted that the plane was landed by the Belarusian authorities specifically in order to arrest Protasevich.

In turn, Roman Protasevich said that he would sue Ryanair. He stated this in a video message: “I plan to file a lawsuit against Ryanair. I also urge all passengers who were on board this flight to file a similar claim”.

According to him, a team of lawyers is already working on the lawsuit. Protasevich noted that he hopes the document will be studied by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), as it will provide "documented evidence".

As opposition channels note: “Protasevich himself has long turned into a talking puppet of the Lukashenka regime - and, as usual in such cases, he completely denies blackmail by the Belarusian security forces and deeply repents of organizing protests. Now he works in the state Belarusian center “Systemic Human Rights Protection”, and in his criminal case he entered into a pre-trial agreement with the investigation.” It was noted that Protasevich had already opened the SPRAVA telegram channel, in which he called on all arrested oppositionists to apply for pardon and cooperate with the authorities. “The time for enmity is passing,” wrote Protasevich. - Representatives of the authorities understand this and are ready to start a dialogue. The condition is one and as simple as possible - to admit your mistakes and guilt.

He's just escaping from prison

This metamorphosis, the transformation of an oppositionist into a person loyal to the Lukashenka regime, caused a strong reaction in the network. The famous Soviet and Russian dissident Alexander Podrabinek writes in his blog: “When the Belarusian authorities seized oppositionist Roman Protasevich, who was flying on a Ryanair flight, last May, and he began to testify, I suggested that he was not talking like that under the influence of neuroleptics and not because he tortured. Based on personal experience and knowledge of similar situations, I wrote that most likely, by pouring mud on his former comrades, he was simply escaping from prison. He didn't even claim it, he just speculated.

My God, what started here! What have I not been accused of! In an absolute misunderstanding of the situation, in cruelty, in the lack of compassion for the poor boy, and in many more of my personal sins.

Then my opponents became quieter, but continued to talk about the unbearable torture that Protasevich continues to be subjected to.

And so, in response to this, the day before yesterday, Roman Protasevich announced that he intended to sue the airline. He claims that opposition figures, whom he lists by name, were involved in sending reports of mining on board. He has mentioned many names before, speaking on state TV channels. Protasevich claims that when the protests began to fade, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s headquarters thought about sending someone to Belarus in order to revive interest in the protest agenda.

Everything is clear with Protasevich. The “poor boy” is inspired by Lukashenka's propaganda. And what will my opponents say, who previously accused me of all mortal sins? Are they willing to admit they were wrong? Or will they continue to say that Protasevich is a good boy, but is forced to sing along with the last dictator of Europe, because he is under the threat of physical pressure? He is not a hero, like many hundreds of Belarusian political prisoners or like Maria Kolesnikova, who was not afraid of any threats!

The idea that under threat it is permissible to do anything is very fruitful. It is enough to say to yourself and others: "I'm not a hero" and commit any meanness..."

Why rush to judge him?

However, Podrabinek's pathos did not arouse universal support. And really, where is the line when a person stops being afraid for his life and becomes inflexible?

Minsk resident Elena Gaevskaya answers the dissident: “I live in Minsk, I was in jail for a day, I saw so much meanness towards simple-minded people that no words will be enough to convey this grief, but our main task is to remain human in such a hell. The presumption of innocence keeps me from hysterics, fearfulness and cowardice, which have rotted our courts, the prosecutor's office, the police and the state security.

What has changed since the plane with Protasevich landed? As he got into these pincers, he remained there. But first, the ticks made him a prisoner, and only then a traitor to their ideals. Why was there such a hurry to start despising him? All we could do was to sympathize with him as long as we had the strength, why was it necessary to deprive ourselves of these strengths and hopes for a miracle? Only by this hope does a person survive, only by leaving hope does a person become a demon. And insight is good when it really brings a good result of salvation, and not additional reproaches "well, I told you." The hero is not the one who spoke about the danger of concentration camps for the objectionable, the hero is the one who freed the prisoners of the concentration camp, because the predictor did not succeed..."

And blogger Eduard Hof recalls the gospel sermon: “Judge not, lest you be judged.... A person has one life, and deeds like Joan of Arc are the exception rather than the rule. That is why in the world evil will always win over good...

I'm not in awe of the latest deeds of the "poor boy", but fortunately I'm not in his place. Moreover, I don’t wish this on anyone, and it’s a VERY big question how all kinds of moral apostles would lead themselves in his place, taking the liberty of judging someone ...

How many Russian oppositionists have recently fled to the West because of the threat to their lives? Shenderovichi and others... By the way, Shenderovich is far from a boy, and I think the demand from him is more than from a 26-year-old boy.