Posted 8 февраля 2022,, 11:50

Published 8 февраля 2022,, 11:50

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Serious people threaten Novye Izvestia with "consequences" for an article about the nitrogen den

Serious people threaten Novye Izvestia with "consequences" for an article about the nitrogen den

8 февраля 2022, 11:50
Nitrogen balls rushed where they did not expect. After the publication of Novye Izvestia about a club in the very center of Moscow, where children massively blow nitrogen balloons, a “reply” came from the owners of the establishment.
Moscow region

They did not like the article, and in the best traditions of the bygone nineties, they decided to threaten the Novye Izvestia journalist.

There has been no calmness for several days in a row - the beneficiaries of the nightclub are threatening the author of the material. They hint that the appearance was established by the cameras - it remains, they say, only to get a phone and an address.

“She must delete the article. Serious people are behind this establishment. It won't go without consequences for her".

The hot southern entrepreneur was especially hurt by the mention of his own name in the material. It is understandable: a multi-million dollar business is at stake.

But it's not just the threats against the reporter that are worrying. After the topic was published, nothing happened again, nothing changed again.

Well, we told horror stories about abandoned and abandoned children, mostly very wealthy families. Disgusting to listen to, unpleasant to watch. Therefore, let them soar in “balls of happiness”, “on a mountain carousel”, “air of Ibiza”?

Let us recall that the Federal Drug Control Service has been asking for more than 10 years to add nitrous oxide to the list of narcotic substances, but so far they have only succeeded in placing the gas on the list of intoxicating substances, which means that nothing but administrative work is available to "organizers of youth leisure" threatens. Penny fines of 2-5 thousand rubles with a turnover of tens of millions per week is an unheard-of indulgence, if not an open offer for everyone.

About the "roof" in such cases, you begin to think automatically. Over the years, not a single district police officer asked, why are these children in droves behind closed doors, and having fallen into these bear paws, they simply cannot escape for hours or days?

By law, the competent authorities must respond to media reports of violations and can use the occasion as a springboard to initiate their own checks.

"NI" publicly appeal to the head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow, police lieutenant general Oleg Baranov:

Oleg Anatolyevich, isn't it time to analyze what whales this dubious business rests on, so to speak?

4,377 police raids looking for misuse of nitrogen somehow left a blind spot in the center of the capital.

We are forced to remind once again that we are talking about the life and health of children, the care of which has been so loudly declared lately that it is included separately in the updated Constitution. But that’s a book, it’s somehow easier with it, but what to do with the lives of children smoldering in the basements?

Laughing gas is not really funny.

When inhaled, nitrous oxide produces a mild narcotic effect. It does not interact with blood components, therefore it is excreted from the body after a short time unchanged (10-15 minutes). It is for this reason that it is so difficult to prove side effects from nitrogen.

The gas is intoxicating, causing a feeling of relaxation, but the fun is fleeting, and the consequences can be serious. Gas can cause:

- severe intoxication, anemia.

- pronounced hypoxia,

- hallucinations, tinnitus, impaired coordination,

- diseases and lesions of the central nervous system in severe form - even in small doses, nitrous oxide can provoke the development of mental illness,

- in case of an overdose, loss of consciousness is possible, and after severe headaches, injury as a result of uncontrolled falls.

- with a good overdose of laughing gas, oppressed breathing and asphyxia occur, which can lead to oxygen starvation and death.

In clubs, at parties, at parties, there is a high probability that a sudden patient simply will not have time to help. There is no antidote.