Posted 9 февраля 2022, 06:28

Published 9 февраля 2022, 06:28

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The developer estimated the effectiveness of CoviVac against the Omicron strain at 67%

9 февраля 2022, 06:28
The Chumakov's Center of Russian Academy of Sciences will soon publish data on the effectiveness of the CoviVac coronavirus vaccine against the Omicron strain. However, the effectiveness of CoviVac against the new covid variant is already known.

- Now I can say that the efficiency of neutralization of "CoviVac" strain "Omicron" is 67%, - said the director of the center Aidar Ishmukhametov.

He pointed out that the results of the research of the center will also be published, indicating the degree of neutralization of the vaccine "KoviVak" and the new vaccine on the "delta" strain in relation to the strain "Omicron". At the same time, a new drug is not being developed at the center.

At present, the Chumakov's Center of Russian Academy of Scienceshas begun conducting clinical trials on the triple administration of the CoviVac vaccine against COVID-19 in different age groups.

Earlier, we recall, the center received permission from the Ministry of Health to conduct a clinical trial of the CoviVac anti-covid vaccine for children. The study will involve 1050 minors. The exact age of the volunteers is not specified. The research will be completed in December this year.