Posted 9 февраля 2022,, 06:42

Published 9 февраля 2022,, 06:42

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Yelena Forikova: “Digitalization of education is the “Barbarossa” plan of our days”

9 февраля 2022, 06:42
A participant in the conference “Lawyers for the Truth!”, held in Moscow at the end of January, human rights activist and historian Yelena Forikova told how much money is spent on the digitalization of education.

And she also explained why this project is not just an “opium” war of digital technologies, but a plan “Barbarossa" against our children and society.

“How much is now the “opium” for the people - digital educational systems?

We look at the State Procurement website, these are screenshots for 2018 alone: 705 million, 400 million, 474 million... This is not just a purchase of computers for the Department of Education. These are sums for certification, functional diagnostics, purchases of video cameras for fixing and collecting biometric data of our children.

Enormous money is spent on the storage and protection of the collected information: look, more than 221 million. And this is only in Moscow. And this happens every year.

It’s not even just an “opium” war of digital technologies that is happening right now ... Let's look historically. It’s not for nothing that I cite the Barbarossa plan - the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union. This is a blitzkrieg plan, a lightning war plan.

And now we see how laws are being adopted with lightning speed, every day. We do not even have time to simply read and filter them. And this is indeed a plan of attack on our country, it is now being executed.

Let's look at specific "military operations".

The first one is “USE, MTsKO or functional diagnostics”.

Let's first understand what it is. It's a will killing system. Will suppression system.

Any test system that does not imply the presence of deep knowledge, analysis of this knowledge and the issuance of one's own information is a will-killing system. And we live on the planet of free will.

The USE is a system for the destruction of deep holistic knowledge of subjects. This is a drag on an object.

The Unified State Examination is an undermining of the economy of the family and the state. The family needs funds for tutors, it is not the school system that gives good knowledge.

Further. The USE is a system for the formation of a mental state in schoolchildren with suicidal tendencies.

The Unified State Examination, this has been proven, this can be seen from information from various portals, leads schoolchildren to a certain mental state and driving them to suicide. These are frequent cases.

Russia ranks third in suicide rates in the world. If you look at the statistics of Rosstat: we have 5 murders per 100 thousand of the population, and 12 suicides.

The next combat operation is called "Distant". It was introduced last year. What can you do at a distance? Through the distance, you can skip weapons of mass destruction.

What specifically? Programs neurostimulators. This is when a dot or a picture is displayed on a computer, a person may not know about it, while his frontal parts of the brain are tensed. These programs can be used to improve brain activity, but only for a certain category, under the supervision of specialists and for no more than ten minutes without a break.

This program can be invested when passing the distance learning format. In this case, the child will experience a strong overstrain of the brain. And we have almost one in three with ADHD syndrome, respectively, mental reactions - up to suicide - will not keep you waiting.

Through these programs, they can pass low-frequency sounds that the ear does not pick up, but the brain picks up. Such sounds were used by the Third Reich during the war.

Next - mental violence, porn.

Last year, I spoke about this at a round table in the State Duma: porn is turned on in remote lessons. Imagine - porn content for children, in the third, fourth, sixth grade!

We received a response from the director: yes, this situation often happens in Moscow, but we are trying to do something.

They don't try to do anything!

Question: why exactly porn, and not something else include? This is a very interesting question. This is the setting in motion of Allen Dulles' plan, right? Decomposition of the population from within? Or is it the nostalgia of the representatives of education for Sodom and Gomorrah?

Further. What "Murder Machines" are currently being used. There are metal detectors at the entrances. Children enter and exit sometimes six times. The dose of radiation is repeatedly exaggerated, and this has a cumulative effect. Scientists all over the world are trumpeting this, but things are still there.

And here they are, our framework: cancer statistics - Russia is in second place in the world, 202 thousand people. Annually. This is a small city that is being erased from the face of the Earth.

And - "Sabotage groups." I will dwell on this in detail.

I don’t know how it is in the regions, but in Moscow this is happening for sure. I was approached by students who are doing an internship at their own school, where the leadership has changed.

This is a common story, a lot is written about it in various parent communities. In Moscow schools, directors are those persons who, before 1993, should have been prosecuted under article 121 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, for sodomy - five years.

Now these people are working as school principals. Teachers know about it, parents know about it.

I have a question: are all FSB officers childless? If we, ordinary parents, know about such facts, do they really not know about it?

We must understand: everything that is happening is not some pointy things, but this is a systemic war. A war that is being waged in all directions. I now did the layout only for the education system.

It is necessary to analyze all these crusades - and now the Crusade is taking place. Hitler made his "Crusade" with the blessing of Pope Pius XII.

In the Middle Ages, they were impaled and burned at the stake. When they impaled and burned in cells, they did not require consent. Now, for some reason, agreement remains the key. It is with our tacit consent that all this happens.

Why do we constantly sign these pieces of paper: consent to the processing of personal data, consent to distance learning, consent to vaccination, consent, consent ... Something, apparently, has changed in these crusades.

The entire performance of Yelena Forikova can be viewed on the YouTube channel "Studio Frontier".