Posted 10 февраля 2022, 09:19

Published 10 февраля 2022, 09:19

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Vaccinated and recovered patients have T-cell immunity against omicron

10 февраля 2022, 09:19
Фото: BBC
A small study has shown that a previous covid provides a person with an immune response against a new strain and prevents a severe form of the disease.

When a person becomes infected with the coronavirus, their immune system begins to produce antibodies and T cells that attack the viral proteins and eliminate the infection. However, the Omicron strain is already known to be able to avoid antibody reactions - this happens even with those who are vaccinated. A new study by employees of the Massachusetts General Hospital, which medicalXpress reports with reference to Cell, shows that vaccinated and recovered patients still have immunity against omicron. It is provided by the T-cell response and protects against severe disease.

During the study, doctors examined blood samples from 76 vaccinated and unvaccinated patients - some had previously had covid, some had not. T cell responses against the spike and other omicron proteins in those who were vaccinated or already ill persisted even if the antibodies did not recognize the omicron. And the booster vaccine increased the response of T-cells twenty-fold. However, in 20% of people, the T-cell response was severely reduced despite prior infection or vaccination. Doctors attribute this to genetic characteristics and the fact that the virus is able to evolve to hide even from T-cells.

This means that work on new vaccines that are resistant to future options must continue, and people must still wear masks and take other reasonable precautions.