Posted 17 февраля 2022,, 11:04

Published 17 февраля 2022,, 11:04

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Road fork for Kamila. The young figure skater has two options for continuing her career

Road fork for Kamila. The young figure skater has two options for continuing her career

17 февраля 2022, 11:04
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One option is likely to put an end to her future performances, while the second, honest, will give her a great chance for the future.

As you know, IOC officials said that the trial of the questionable doping test of the figure skater Valieva has not yet been completed, and therefore it is impossible to hold an awards ceremony following the results of the team tournament, in which Russian skaters won. Meanwhile, today, February 17, there will be a free program for women, in which three Russians participate: Valieva, Shcherbakova and Trusova. According to the results of the short program, Kamila Valieva is in the lead.

Well-known Russian lawyer Alexey Fedyarov, after analyzing the situation around this figure skater, writes:

“The situation with Kamila Valieva has become as simple as possible. A wonderful young athlete, extratalent. A unique trainer who knows how to work with the bodies of girls in puberty better than anyone in the world. Cynical, but true.

Kamila is a favorite for the Olympics.

She tested positive for doping.

Valieva's team refused to open sample B, therefore, the presence of the drug was recognized.

It remains only to explain the ingestion of the drug into the body.

And here is the fork.

First way .

To explain how the drug got into the body is as practical as possible from the point of view of participation in the 2022 Olympics. As a lawyer, I am completely calm about the degree of absurdity of the explanations, the main thing is that they be accepted by the court. At the last meeting, the court did not even establish the fact, the condition for admission to the competition was the adoption by the court of the version at the level of probability.

Could it be? Yes.

It was? The trial continues.

The team of lawyers has achieved the set result, please pay the bill.

Second way .

Explain how the drug entered the body with an eye on a future career.

Obviously, the decision to raise the age of participation of athletes in competitions up to 17 years will be made.

This opens up completely new perspectives for Kamila, she ceases to be another pubertal champion for a couple of years, she has a chance for a long life in sports.

However, she will always remember not even the very fact of a positive test, but the version voiced in court. Hard to remember.

But just imagine. Assemble a press conference. Explain that there was no grandfather's glass. Tell how she took pharmaceuticals, honestly say whether she knew (I'm sure not) what she was taking.

This is what Maria Sharapova did in the meldonium scandal and was the only one who went through this scandal with acceptable losses.

And then there is a chance for a career after, lo and behold, seventeen years.

But it won't .

There will be delays in awards, comments from other athletes, ridicule over a medal already won and all other subsequent awards, a tedious process, a detailed judicial review of the grandfather version, new ridiculous versions, memes, whistling in the stands, shameless questions from journalists, stress, stress, stress.

Propagandists will switch, and spiteful critics will comment on each rental.

As a result, the age of admission will be increased, but Kamila will announce her retirement.