Posted 21 февраля 2022,, 07:12

Published 21 февраля 2022,, 07:12

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A useless scrap of paper: WADA may be involved in the juggling of facts about doping

A useless scrap of paper: WADA may be involved in the juggling of facts about doping

21 февраля 2022, 07:12
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A computer analysis of the report by WADA Commissioner Richard McLaren showed that it contains a juggling of facts.

Andrey Zlobin, mathematician

It's time to remember the Russian proverb about who's hat is on fire. The anti-doping hysteria in world sports, which flared up not without the participation of the world anti-doping agency WADA, directly points to the one who screams the loudest. And it is WADA that expresses its dissatisfaction the loudest. Since, thanks to the activities of the agency, many great athletes have already been "burned at the stake" by the sports inquisition, it's time to present the inquisitors with an account and publish deafening facts.

So, in order. Probably, now few people remember the beginning of doping scandals and the formation of a special WADA Commission on this occasion, which included the notorious Canadian Richard McLaren. Probably, no one has preserved the original files with the texts of this gentleman, which were officially and openly posted on the Internet... But no, the manuscripts do not burn. And today the world community must learn the technology of how fake doping compromising material was fabricated. Nothing personal. Only bare facts.

Is it possible that in such a responsible document as the McLaren report, the text has changed over time? Any sane person understands that this cannot be, because it can never be. Indeed, on the basis of this document, the best of the best athletes, athletes with world-famous names, were subsequently removed from the competition. We open two files of the McLaren report in English for different dates and do not believe our eyes. In the first, earlier file with the report, we see 97 pages. In the second, later file, there are only 89 of them. As many as 8 pages of text have disappeared from the official document without a trace! Is this not a juggling of facts? The most surprising thing is that fraud with the text of the report was reflected even in the file name. It's just like a fingerprint. Agree that if the title of the late file with the McLaren report includes the word "newfinal", then this is a scandal. There can be no new final document. It can only be final. No options. And how do you order to treat the WADA Commission if there is an unprecedented fraud?

By the way, when Richard McLaren's report first appeared, I immediately conducted a detailed computer analysis of it. This is what automated text analysis showed in English. Informativeness was evaluated by the ratio of unique (only once mentioned) words of the text to the total number of words. This figure for the McLaren report was just over 10%. What follows is the presence of multiple repetitions in the text. The text contains fragments, sometimes completely repeating each other several times, which suggests the use of the technology of mechanical copying and pasting of paragraphs and phrases in the process of working on the report. This does not testify in favor of a serious and thoughtful attitude to every word of the report. Rather, this can be explained by the desire to fill the maximum number of sheets with text. In general, the text of the report is uninformative and only about 5% of its words are related to the competence of WADA, in particular, the subject of specific prohibited substances. This allows one to seriously doubt the competence and scientific validity of the provisions presented in the report.

In conclusion, I would like to point out two more facts that indicate fraud in the files related to the report of WADA Commissioner Richard McLaren. A person might not notice this, but the computer delivered an unambiguous verdict. We look at the files and draw conclusions. Firstly, Richard McLaren's signature is only under the cover letter to WADA President Craig Reedy, while the report itself is not signed by anyone and is legally "a useless scrap of paper". And secondly, computer analysis revealed a contradiction in the dates. Compare the dates on the cover letter and the cover page of the McLaren report and you will see for yourself that the report was sent to Craig Reedy earlier (July 16, 2016) than it was written (July 18, 2016) ... Nonsense. The 2022 Winter Olympics was the last straw that overflowed the cup of patience. Now let everyone decide for himself whether it is possible to trust the fate of world sports to functionaries who, under the guise of fighting doping, tritely manipulate the facts and manipulate public opinion. “Highley Likely” that it’s time for WADA functionaries to explain themselves…