Posted 21 февраля 2022,, 12:44

Published 21 февраля 2022,, 12:44

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Hectare did not help! The rate of outflow of population from Siberia and the Far East has only increased

Hectare did not help! The rate of outflow of population from Siberia and the Far East has only increased

21 февраля 2022, 12:44
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In the five years that have passed since the decision of the Russian authorities to distribute a “free hectare” to everyone in order to keep citizens in the Far East, it has become clear that Russians do not want to come, stay, or breed in the depressed region.

Several years have passed since the Russian authorities accepted with the best of intentions to distribute a free hectare of Far Eastern land to all interested citizens of the country. It's time to sum up, which is what the Kemerovo public figure and entrepreneur Vyacheslav Chernov does in his publication, citing incredible statistics. Judging by it, the outflow of Russians from the eastern regions of the country not only did not weaken, but even intensified:

“I am always interested in how effective certain decisions of the authorities are. You can track it only after some time. Swindlers always take advantage of the fact that people in their mass do not have the habit of monitoring the situation for several years, and, using this property of human memory, they easily sweep any of their failures under the carpet.

Here, for example, is the notorious Far Eastern hectare... The territory of the Far Eastern Federal District is 6952 thousand square meters. kilometers.

And that's a lot!

This is more than all of Europe (without Russia)!

The FEFD is slightly smaller than the continent of Australia (7692).

For comparison, China - 9597 thousand sq. km.

And only 8 million people live in this colossal territory. Yes, yes, only 8 million!

In China, there are only cities, in each of which there are more people than in the entire Far Eastern Federal District - 17 pieces!

Well, that is, the Far Eastern District is a huge continuous wasteland.

And people are running from there.

Because the government of their country does not care about them from a high bell tower.

And then the government sits down in a circle and says - soon there will be no one left in this third of our country at all, something must be done! And the smartest one says - let's allow people to take free plots of land there, 100 by 100 meters in size: they should like it so much that they will rush there from the rest of Russia, because in the rest of Russia we don’t give shit to people, but we’ll give it there!

You are a genius! - those who did not guess the first to such an incredible decision answer him - and issue a corresponding decree.

And now 5 years have passed. And you can study efficiency.

And it turns out that the population of the Far Eastern Federal District over the 5 years preceding the ingenious law decreased by 102 thousand people. And for 5 years after the adoption of the law - by 136 thousand. The decline has accelerated.

It turns out that there is no difference between “living in a depressed region” and “living in a depressed region on your own hectare”. People don't want to come, stay, breed in a depressed region.

Wow, how capricious.

But there are places where it is even worse, and significantly. For example, the Kemerovo region over the same 5-year period lost 84 thousand people with a population three times smaller than in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Maybe you just need to start distributing hectares in Kiselevsk?

I can't understand how great it is that 0.5% of India's population lives in the area of two Indias?

If the resources of this colossal territory worked for this tiny population, each of these eight million residents of the Far Eastern Federal District would have a palace with Chinese servants, a private plane, a fur store, and would walk in shoes on heated sidewalks in winter.

But instead, they are shamelessly robbed and brainwashed with some tales that their resources are needed so that Lukashenka can torture Belarusians, so that Pushilin can build his MMM in the Donbass, and so that Kadyrov can threaten to cut the heads of Russians".