Posted 21 февраля 2022,, 07:19

Published 21 февраля 2022,, 07:19

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Vasiltsov's version: who benefited from giving doping to Kamila Valieva

Vasiltsov's version: who benefited from giving doping to Kamila Valieva

21 февраля 2022, 07:19
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According to the publicist Vasiltsov, all the facts indicate that the "devil state" called the United States is to blame for the scandal with the Russian figure skater.

An exotic version, which, nevertheless, in the conditions of the current Russian-American confrontation, is probably shared by a huge number of our fans, was put forward by a publicist

Vladimir Vasiltsov

Could Kamila Valieva have used doping? The question immediately arises: “What for?” Judging by her talent and sports results, she simply does not need it. But the most important thing is not this. Every athlete knows how strict the anti-doping control is these days. Doping, especially for those who claim the highest places in the competition, in fact, turns into a guilty verdict that destroys all his achievements. Therefore, the assumption that an athlete who is really capable of occupying the highest step of the podium, herself used doping of her own free will, is equal to the assertion that she is crazy. And consequently, even the discussion itself was used or not used inappropriately and stupidly.

Options remain, for example: a mistake or negligence of those who conducted the study of samples, or accidental ingestion. And this is possible, but there is a small circumstance: somehow very destructive and at the right time for people interested in the disqualification of our general figure skating team, this test appeared at the competition, which resembles a rocket launched by someone that accurately hit the target . And this circumstance makes us think that this event did not happen by chance, but is the result of well-thought-out and prepared actions.

And if we take into account that it is not just anyone who benefits from Valieva's disqualification, but the US team, then these thoughts about a planned strike turn into firm confidence.

There is no doubt that these guys are not capable of such dirty tricks. And although there is no direct evidence of the involvement of the Americans in the doping provocation of our athlete, there are a couple of indirect ones.

Firstly: as it was just said, it is they who are interested in disqualification, moreover, killing two birds with one stone with one blow. In addition to the possibility of obtaining a gold medal if this insidious action succeeds, one can at the same time accuse Russia of dishonesty and all other mortal sins.

This American style can also be seen in the doping case of Valieva. An investigation has not yet been carried out and nothing is really clear, and US representatives are already screaming louder than anyone that the athlete, our team, and at the same time all of Russia should be punished immediately. It's good that the people who made the decision on this issue, for the most part, turned out to be decent and decided to find out everything before punishing. How upset our American partners were because of this decision! They are accustomed to accusing us without any investigations and evidence, and here such oddities.

The disappointment of the Americans in this case resembles their state upon receiving the news about the introduction of Russian troops into Kazakhstan, where the US continued a series of failures in the confrontation with Russia and ended in another failure. In general, their passionate desire to harm our country in recent years resembles the actions of a person over and over again trying to break through a concrete block with his head.

Returning to Valieva: despite the unsuccessful performance in the individual competition, she is still an Olympic champion in the team championship, like the team itself. And here everything is still in question. Therefore, what I propose is: if evil wins, and she and the entire national team will be deprived of awards, then ignore this decision and do what is right. Make your own gold medals and give them to the winners. In our country, officially recognize and consider them Olympic champions.

About the author: Vasiltsov Vladimir Nikolayevich, 60 years old, higher education, author of the book "Gold Placers", publicist, author of articles published in various editions: "God exists!" and why in 2014 he shot down a passenger Boeing in the sky over Ukraine”, “For boys and girls, men and women” and others.