Posted 22 февраля 2022,, 13:30

Published 22 февраля 2022,, 13:30

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Kiev threatened to break off diplomatic relations with Russia

22 февраля 2022, 13:30
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky (pictured) announced that he had received a request from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to break off diplomatic relations with Russia. The Ukrainian leader also said that this proposal is under consideration.

“I received a request from the Foreign Ministry to break off diplomatic relations with Russia . I will consider it," Zelensky said at a joint press conference with Estonian leader Alar Karis ( TASS quote).

The President of Ukraine stressed that the country does not believe in the likelihood of war, as well as a full-scale military escalation. At the same time, he ruled out consideration of the "request of the leaders of the militants" for the withdrawal of troops from the controlled territories. It is reported by The Insider *.

“We don’t communicate with them, we don’t understand who they are”, - Zelensky said.

Earlier, the vice-speaker of the LPR parliament demanded that Ukraine withdraw troops from the administrative border of the Luhansk region, saying that “otherwise, measures will be taken”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the recognition of the Donbass republics the night before during a televised address to the nation, and also signed a cooperation agreement between the parties. Tonight it became known about the arrival of the Russian military in the DPR and LPR. The head of the State Duma Committee on the CIS, Leonid Kalashnikov, claims that the signed agreements do not mention borders. He noted that Russia does not have the right to clarify foreign borders - such issues are assigned to the DPR and LPR.

* - entered by the Ministry of Justice in the register of media-foreign agents.