Posted 22 февраля 2022, 15:36

Published 22 февраля 2022, 15:36

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Why do we live so poorly? Four main troubles of Russia

22 февраля 2022, 15:36
Евгений Пятковский
The dominance of the elderly, the lack of ideology and patriotism, as well as pride in the past - all this hinders the prosperity of our country.

Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, entrepreneur and publicist

The main troubles of Russia? Here they are:

1. Retirement at 65. Retirement should be at 50, and it should be mandatory. Generational change is very important. Young people should come everywhere, and pensioners have nothing to do at work. And you can't do business. Turn 50 and get off the beach. I did not have time to become governor before the age of 50 and there is nothing. Did not reach the general to 50 - so he tried badly. I didn’t have time to transfer knowledge in business to my son - I didn’t work with my son - in the ass of such a dad. Just look around! I have many friends who are 40 and still live with their mom/dad/grandmother. Because moms-dads-grandmothers work and support their child. And the child does not do a damn thing, because mom-dad will help. Take away the opportunity to work with a pensioner and the children will have nowhere to go. New blood in any business (be it business or civil service) is progress. And the elders are a regression. A prosecutor cannot be a good prosecutor at the age of 65. A tracker at 65 cannot be a good tracker. And the cops are entitled to a pension at the age of 36. Because already "up to the ears in the system". When all, without exception, cops at 36 begin to retire, Sistema will immediately disappear. The system is made up of elders. They don’t want to work and it’s already difficult, but “putting sticks in a magazine” is quite within their power. What are they doing.

Many say that Stalin was a cool leader until the 30s, until he turned 50. And then the purges and other senile insanity.

Do you want to do something after 50? Ride around the world, explore caves, take care of your grandchildren, do social work, take care of your dacha, arrange competitions - live life to the fullest. Leave your job to the young.

2. Lack of idea. When did the USSR begin to bend? After the arrival of Khrushchev. The ideological generation has gone, the robbery has begun. No idea anywhere. In 1917 the idea was to build a state without a monarchy. In 1941 the idea was to defeat Hitler, in the 60s the idea was to be the first in space. What's the idea now? No. Guys, the idea to send the whole world is not an idea, it is an inability to negotiate. It's like with a poker against a division of professional assassins: stupid and futile. You need to beat when you are sure of impunity, or when there is no choice.

3. Pride for the past. Guys, this is the past of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. We can be proud of what they were able to do. But we have no right to be proud of their achievements. We should be proud of our victories and strive for ours. A person who received wealth from his parents and does not seek to increase it - 100% will die a beggar. This is how we die poor. We need to leave the past in the past. My friend boasts that in the 90s he had a car, an apartment and a garage. The important thing is that now he is a bum and rummaging in the garbage.

4. Lack of patriotism. Patriotism, guys, it's not on paper, it's in the heart. It is impossible to force a person to love the Motherland. The person needs to be taught. And not by massacre and imprisonment, but by care and mentorship. I remember in the first grade I got up at 6 am to listen to the anthem, standing at attention in front of the radio. I remember when I became a pioneer. And then I remember how it all collapsed and became unnecessary.

It was from that moment that I realized that the homeland no longer exists. Now? When the powers that be have a homeland in London and in the States, I understand: the homeland is there! It's good to live there. There are clean streets, smooth roads, laws are observed there even by those who violated them here. And the sun shines brighter and there is no stink...

And here you have to live in order to steal and dump. But I do not know how to steal: I am ashamed of it. And here it is impossible.

In this country with such atavisms as mine, the way to the Motherland is closed.

Fortunately, talent is still appreciated in the Motherland and not everything is lost. The pandemic will end and the Motherland will wait for me.

Russia? And what about Russia? Let her go to waste.

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