Posted 23 февраля 2022,, 11:49

Published 23 февраля 2022,, 11:49

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Ministry of Health: covid causes problems with the heart and blood vessels in every second patient

Ministry of Health: covid causes problems with the heart and blood vessels in every second patient

23 февраля 2022, 11:49
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The disease of a new coronavirus infection increases the risk of death by five to seven times in patients with chronic heart disease. And problems with the cardiovascular system occur in every second patient who has had covid.

This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko in an interview on the Russia 1 channel. According to the minister, negative health effects appear in people within a few months after the disease.

According to the minister, now in Russia the most common covid strains are Omicron and Delta. At the same time, the disease "delta" occurs in patients approximately twice as often as "omicron".

“That is, the risk of becoming infected with a more severe strain, it is high today”, - Kommersant quoted Murashko as saying.

Covid is especially dangerous for pregnant women, who are at high risk of severe complications, including for the health of newborns. At the same time, according to the minister, pregnant women tolerate the disease "omicron" somewhat easier than infection with other strains.

For those patients who feel heart problems, Murashko advised not to delay seeking medical help.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health reported that the number of patients with coronavirus in Russia has decreased by 22% over the past week. However, in some regions, the increase in the incidence continues.

At the same time, in some areas the situation with the treatment of patients looks ambiguous. Thus, the authorities of the Sverdlovsk region decided to expel Russian patients from the rehabilitation special hospital "Lipovka" in Rare, many of whom have not yet completed treatment. They intend to give their places for the placement of the first batch of evacuated residents of the DPR and LPR - about 600 refugees. In this hospital people were treated after a stroke and coronavirus infection. Patients were ordered to vacate the wards before 11 a.m. and urgently leave the institution, as refugees from Ukraine need their places.

“It's great that refugees are being accommodated here. But we have many pioneer camps that are not functioning at the moment. It was possible to place them there, but not to pull sick people - to let them continue their treatment. This is a whole sanatorium, all sick people: COVID-19 patients, people after a stroke: they really needed this recovery, ”said the former patient of the rehabilitation special hospital.