Posted 24 февраля 2022,, 15:30

Published 24 февраля 2022,, 15:30

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Political scientist Aleksey Mukhin: "Don't be hysterical, this is not a war, but forcing Ukraine to peace"

24 февраля 2022, 15:30
Experts close to the Russian government urge to take the situation in Ukraine calmly. They call the outbreak of hostilities "peace enforcement" and the anti-war statements of some members of the expert community "apocalyptic pictures in the media field".

Political scientist, general director of the Center for Political Information Aleksey Mukhin does not see anything illogical and incomprehensible in what is happening in Ukraine - Ukraine is being forced to peace, which will end in 2-3 days:

- What awaits our country in the future?

- Everything will be fine. Why are you asking the question like that?

- I would like to understand the prospects in connection with the beginning of the war.

- This is not a war, this is peace enforcement. You know, in December 2021, Russia made an offer to the collective West. He refused. Since November 2021, the collective West has been pumping weapons to the eyeballs in Ukraine, it has brought military experts there, is building two military bases in the south of the country, and has invited and paid for PMCs. In the end, he began mortar shelling and heavy artillery shelling of the LDNR. Did they think that all this would go unpunished? Will everything go just like that? These are the consequences of the actions of the collective West. Nothing strange or illogical happens.

- What will happen to our country?

- Everything will be fine, the country is adapted to the sanctions. Don't panic, everything is fine.

- And what about the economy, stock exchanges?

- And what about the stock exchange? Exchanges are speculative capital, which begins to tremble at the sigh of some actor. I do not expect any economic and political consequences. Moreover, we are solving a very delicate problem for the West. Ukraine has become a very serious burden for the European Union, it is very toxic. And now we're going to clean up. Of course, they will yell because they have to yell, and then quietly admit that everything was done right. Do you think Nazi Ukraine in the center of Europe is a source of joy for Brussels? Not at all.

I cannot tell you that there will be no economic consequences. They will, life develops. They would be, even if now there would be nothing. The crisis in the world is post-COVID. Of course there will be consequences.

- How long it will be going on?

- It will go on for several days, two or three days at the most.

- Do you expect a complete occupation of Ukraine?

- No, I didn't say that. Remember what happened in Georgia in 2008? Diplomatic relations with Georgia have been severed, and they have been effectively severed with Ukraine for seven years. They declared war on us in 2014. Poroshenko was already the president of Ukraine then, illegal, but the president, and declared war on us. The Verkhovna Rada recognized it as legal only a year later. From a legal point of view, I follow very closely what is happening in Ukraine.

Some actors in the media field paint apocalyptic pictures, although, in fact, there is a tough, clear enforcement of peace in Ukraine. Sanctions will not play a special role for Russia.