Posted 1 марта 2022,, 10:58

Published 1 марта 2022,, 10:58

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The post-war world will be organized regionally

1 марта 2022, 10:58
Марина Шаповалова
Democracy, which has been buried for decades by all and sundry, works great only in homogeneous communities.

Marina Shapovalova, writer

I still believe that we, humanity, are moving towards a new and better world order. The path, however, is unpleasant and even bloody. But it could have been worse. And it could be even worse. Much worse.

I do not even rule out that we will have to go through a nuclear apocalypse. I don't think it's total. But such a terrible probability remains not yet zero.

And all because otherwise people do not want to give up their usual illusions and phobias. From "it should be for everyone only the way I think is right!" And, perhaps, only the most terrible shocks will force the survivors to search for salutary compromises and consensuses.

Therefore, I think that the new world will be organized regionally. Perhaps by analogy with Europe of the city-states of the High Middle Ages. Because the notorious democracy, which has been buried for decades by all and sundry, works great only in homogeneous communities. And those can only be local, when the worldview and interests are formed within the framework of naturally and historically conditioned communities.

They object to me: how can they, these "Endurians" be considered a people and a republic - they are scum! I answer: excellent! Let them live as a separate republic according to their own rules - I would just like to live separately from them, and not in a single, indivisible state with them! A reasonable compromise is precisely that I and people like me should live without taking into account their worldviews, Wishlist and other traditional bonds. Allowing them to get themselves these charms in full, desired volume. And who will be better able to develop, grow rich, establish mutually beneficial relations with neighbors, build communications ...

Believe me, we will inevitably come to this! I just would like by reason, and not by bloody showdowns that will force the survivors with difficulty to take up their minds.

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