Posted 2 марта 2022,, 13:12

Published 2 марта 2022,, 13:12

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Greetings from the 90s: gray car dealers in Moscow began to set prices in dollars

Greetings from the 90s: gray car dealers in Moscow began to set prices in dollars

2 марта 2022, 13:12
Less than a week has passed since the new economic life, the imposition of sanctions, the collapse of the ruble and the blocking of transfers abroad, as real business remembered the practice of the 90s.

What are these numbers in such small print and under the ruble prices of American super-picks? Yes, yes, these are the same green dollars, which in the 21st century have already begun to be forgotten. And which, by the way, are prohibited in the Russian Federation by the rules of retail trade.

However, what prohibitions can there be if medium and small businesses suffer monstrous losses due to the collapse of the ruble beyond the mark of 100 units?

It is clear that no one will give you an expensive car for half the price. And rewriting price tags every day is more expensive for yourself. That's why, without further ado, gray car dealer and set prices in dollars.

Actually, it's more honest. And customers are not deceived, and merchants are not at a loss. True, at the same time, they do not have time to correct the rise in prices in rubles. A simple conversion of the indicated ruble values into dollars shows that the exchange rate on the dealer's website is 86-87 rubles, while today it is already about 92 rubles.

It just seems to us that new $180,000 pickup trucks are arriving on Russian soil for the last time. In connection with the sanctions and the blocking of transportation, the next batch will come only after the normalization of the situation in Ukraine and Russia.

And after car dealers prices in USD will put sellers of luxury real estate, electronics, branded clothing and other non-perishable goods.