Posted 4 марта 2022,, 11:10

Published 4 марта 2022,, 11:10

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11 useful tips for the survival of an ordinary Russian

4 марта 2022, 11:10
Максим Слепов
In the conditions of the most severe sanctions, ordinary Russians need to get used to living in poverty and changing their habits.

Exactly a week has passed since the beginning of the “special operation”. Somehow you have to live on. I'll try to think from my bell tower.

  1. Come to your senses, take the path of awareness. I don’t write - calm down, because it’s probably impossible to calm down at all. I’ve been sleeping like this all week, and it’s like something dusty was given to my head. In short, stress, and that's okay. Nevertheless, we must pull ourselves together and begin to understand that this is with us for a long time. The former life will no longer be in the next year.
  2. People are sweeping everything out of stores, and doing the right thing. This time, not just devaluation, some kind of crisis. New introduction: the entire Western world, in fact, declared an embargo on us. Soon, many goods will simply disappear, or will go with long delays. I personally buy something that, in principle, can be useful to the three of us during the year: clothes, shoes, something for the house. Ordered a laptop as it's a production tool for me. I have one, but it's old. I don’t know in what year I will now be able to freely buy a laptop in Russia, but I will have to work anyway.
  3. If you have a car, you need to decide strategically. Prices for new ones just flew into space, prices for used ones followed them too. If you don’t know if you definitely need a car or if you are not sure that you can maintain it, you can think about selling (for example, to close some kind of loan or buy real estate, land). Servicing the machines will soon become difficult due to the cessation of the supply of spare parts. In part, China and Turkey (which actually produce almost the entire range of products) will help out, but, of course, there will be no former freemen. Exist has already raised the price of spare parts by about 2 times. I bought good engine oil at old prices for 3 shifts, in the near future I will buy filters, candles, oil in a box. I proceed from the estimated costs for the year, I decided to leave the car.
  4. If you have a hobby, stock up now. I hope that Russia will not be left without medicines and seeds, but all sorts of things that used to be imported here in abundance will now be tinkered with from time to time. In the photo part, I managed to stock up in the past couple of years to the eyeballs. In boxing - I bought several pairs of bandages, I'll take more boxers (the old ones began to tear). We assume that there will be a shortage.
  5. Medicines. Check your first aid kit, look at expiration dates, stock up wisely. Medicines will become much more expensive (like everything else around), for medicines, the issue of availability is critical. Alas, now no one guarantees it to you.
  6. Currency. I am not a trader, but there is an impression that it is completely pointless to spend dollars now: wild volatility, perhaps a shortage of cash. If you do not need for some specific cases, invest "for the future", IMHO, it's too late. Look, the government is canceling VAT on the purchase of physical gold: look better in this direction. For investors with minor volumes: better invest in buckwheat.
  7. If possible, do some planned medical manipulations, fix your teeth. In medicine, as elsewhere, there is a large import component. Possible deficiency. Definitely a big price increase.
  8. Vacations. It's very difficult to plan right now. In fact, we now live like moths, one day. If you have not taken a ticket for the summer, it's too late to rock the boat. You need the sea - think about a car or train trip to the Russian south. See housing prices on Avito, try to book something. Apparently, the demand this year will be special. Buying airline tickets is risky: both Boeing and Airbus have declared a blockade against us. The number of suitable aircraft will be reduced. Flights are slowly being cancelled.
  9. Don't be afraid to use your credit cards if you have them. In any case, if you feel that in the near future you will have a job. As a last resort, if and when it gets really bad, sell the product you bought. The country is waiting for a shortage of everything, most likely, they will buy from your hands even more expensive than you pay now in the store.
  10. Talk to friends, acquaintances, colleagues. Social networks are good, but sometimes you need to speak out in front of real people. We are too consumed by our information bubbles, and in the last week, many of them just ring with hysteria. In personal communication, people, as it is right, are calmer and smarter than on the Internet.
  11. Try to survive. Try not to go crazy. Try to understand others and forgive them if they run on the ceiling. It is difficult for everyone now, but this is still the first blow, more psychological. Then you will need to get used to living poorly, changing habits. A good mental state and social connections will be very helpful to you.

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