Posted 4 марта 2022,, 09:41

Published 4 марта 2022,, 09:41

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Dr. Komarovsky gave recommendations on taking iodine in case of an accident at a nuclear power plant

Dr. Komarovsky gave recommendations on taking iodine in case of an accident at a nuclear power plant

4 марта 2022, 09:41
The well-known Ukrainian pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky posted a video on Instagram with a recommendation on how to protect the thyroid gland from damage by radioactive iodine in the first minutes after the accident at a nuclear power plant with a release of radiation.

“Guys, important information. Write it down, take note, because someone always flies and shoots in the wrong direction.

They can get into one of our nuclear power plants, there will be a threat of radioactive contamination.

The first thing that happens with radioactive contamination is the release of radioactive iodine, which kills the thyroid gland.

Therefore, there is an important rule of protection.

If there is a threat of radioactive contamination, ordinary iodine must be taken orally. Then the thyroid gland will be occupied with this iodine and we will be able to protect it from damage.

This must be done when the threat is real, well, thirty minutes, for example, or in the first minutes, hours, after the alarm is announced. If we do this in the first two hours, the protection is over 90%. If thirty minutes before the explosion - almost one hundred percent protection.

Now, what kind of iodine and who should take how much.

In pharmacies, in first-aid kits, there is theoretically a drug called potassium iodide tablets. In one such tablet 250 mg. This is a special prophylactic dose for radiation. The dose is actually almost three thousand times higher than the daily requirement, this is a huge dose.

Anyone over 2 years of age should immediately take 125 mg if there is a threat of radioactive injury. It's half a tablet. Children under 2 years of age should take 40 mg, which is approximately one sixth of a tablet.

Now, if you fail to buy potassium iodide tablets, I doubt very much that you will be able to buy it, then you should know that as an alternative, you can use a regular solution of 5% iodine, which is not deficient, which is in any pharmacy and , moreover, is in every car first-aid kit. You don’t even need to buy it, it is next to you, it should be in any car.

How it is received. If a person is over 14 years old , he should immediately take 40 drops of 5% iodine. It is advisable to drop them into warm milk or water and drink. You can at one time, it's even right - to drink it at a time.

Further, at the age of 5 to 14 years - a dose of 20 drops, also dripped into milk and drank.

Children under 5 years old cannot take this iodine 5% inside, but there is an option how they can be protected. In this situation, you need to take 20 drops of iodine, dilute them with water and apply to the skin - make an iodine mesh. On the thigh, on the forearm. And it is necessary to use for children, I say again, from 2 to 5 years old - 20 drops, and for children under 2 years old - 10 drops.

This is done only once, it should not be repeated under any circumstances.

Please remember and think about where you can suddenly get iodine. Draw your own conclusions. Let it be not of use to us; take care of yourself, my darlings".