Posted 4 марта 2022,, 07:34

Published 4 марта 2022,, 07:34

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Farewell to Ekho: The closure of the radio station is surely a sign of the primitivization of society

Farewell to Ekho: The closure of the radio station is surely a sign of the primitivization of society

4 марта 2022, 07:34
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The network community evaluates the role of the Ekho Moskvy radio station in the public life of the country and names the reasons why it was closed.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, the board of directors of the Ekho Moskvy radio station decided to liquidate the radio station after it was taken off the air and the site was blocked by the Prosecutor General's Office. Now, according to information that has appeared in a number of media outlets, the music radio Pobeda will be launched on the frequency of Ekho Moskvy. However, the editorial staff of the radio station itself does not say goodbye to its listeners, and will continue to work on YouTube and social networks, despite the decision to liquidate the radio and the site.

This natural event for modern Russia - the closure of the country's most popular "talking" radio station, on the waves of which one could hear a wide variety of opinions and points of view, caused a sad reaction in social networks. However, Putin's press secretary Peskov did not rule out that the "Ekho" will be revived:

“The closure of Ekho Moskvy is the decision of the shareholders. The radio station broke the law. If the owner wants to restore its work, it is possible”.

Journalist Dmitry Kolezev called the closure of Ekho a sign that the former Russia is also gone:

“Alexey Venediktov has repeatedly said in interviews that only Putin can close Ekho. It is clear that he made the decision.

Many have a negative attitude towards Alexey Venediktov personally, especially after the DEG story. But until the last moment he kept the radio station, which sounded a lot of truthful words and which was a very important voice for people who disagreed with the authorities.

The liquidation of "Ekho" is a demonstration that such voices in the country do not want to hear anymore. At all.

A lot of good journalists work for Ekho. There sounded a variety of assessments and opinions. I am very sorry that this radio station will not be in Russia. But the old Russia, apparently, will no longer exist.

As long as Ekho is on YouTube and YouTube is not blocked in Russia, let's watch and listen to it there.

I hope that Alexey Venediktov and the Ekho journalists will be able to figure out how to keep in touch with the audience, and the audience will definitely find them anywhere. And someday the radio station will be able to revive.

Network analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan also believes that this event is connected with the primitivization of the country's public life:

“This is not joyful (for some) and not sad (for some) news. This is an objective process. A primitive social system does not require a complex superstructure. The point here is not even censorship as such (outwardly, of course, the decision is made solely for censorship reasons). Society itself is rapidly collapsing. If anyone has not forgotten, then we are on the transition to a new normality. It will have a very small - literally tenths of a percent - control layer, and a huge, practically homogeneous layer of desperately poor, disenfranchised and desocialized people. Between them, of course, there will be a layer of terror and control, but its peculiarity is that it is possible to fall down from this layer, but not to rise up.

For such a primitively arranged society, all these unnecessary rudiments of the former civilization are simply not needed. As, for example, popular science magazines like Science and Life, Technology - Youth, Chemistry and Life, Novy Mir and others, which were in demand in the complex and developed Soviet past, are no longer needed for a long time. Now they do not exist, because the society of the present time is extremely primitive compared to the Soviet one. Now it will also be primitivized. That is why the structures of even this primitive social order are being liquidated.”

But the analyst of the popular Meister channel believes that, unfortunately, in the current conditions, this was the only possible solution:

“Ukrainian air is full of all sorts of fakes that even the most Svidomo Ukrainians do not believe in, both sides of the conflict are watched by Russian media.

At the same time, Ekho and Dozhd were considered by civilians and Ukrainian soldiers as relatively objective sources of information, independent of either Moscow or Kyiv. Although their audience coverage was small by Russian standards, it was an order of magnitude higher than the audience coverage of the most popular Ukrainian media.

And how did "Ekho" and "Rain" dispose of this responsibility? They turned into volunteer assistants to Kiev propagandists. Did the journalists of these publications think that the dissemination of disinformation about attacks on civilian infrastructure could lead to the fact that some Ukrainian soldier, instead of surrendering, would continue senseless resistance? No. Are these journalists ready to answer to the mother of this soldier if he is killed? Also no.

It is very convenient to help Ukrainian propaganda to set up the Ukrainian people for “war to the last Ukrainian” from cozy Moscow studios. But this does not in any way contribute to the speedy establishment of peace on Ukrainian soil.”