Posted 5 марта 2022, 13:57

Published 5 марта 2022, 13:57

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The more - the better? How "the doves of peace" crave the death of Russian soldiers

5 марта 2022, 13:57
Кирилл Лодыгин
Opponents of the special operation in Ukraine, who advocate for immediate peace, at the same time show real bloodthirstiness when it comes to the losses of Russian troops.

Kirill Lodygin, publicist

Had two of the same type of dialogue in the last three days. So much the same type that in the second one, already on the second cue, he could predict all subsequent ones.

People dispute the official numbers of losses of the Russian army...

You ask: we still don’t have absolutely objective sources, so the number of losses is a matter of faith. You either choose to believe the Russian Defense Ministry, or Ukrainian propaganda. So why are you making this choice? Why do you need it so much that not a few hundred, but several thousand, but several thousand, die in this alien war for them in a Russian uniform? Why such bloodlust?

And they tell you in response, of course, that you are a demagogue and a liar, that your brainwashed by propaganda. That even one death is a tragedy, and they do not wish death to anyone. And then immediately without transition: these doves of peace need thousands of corpses in Russian uniforms as confirmation that the Ukrainian army is better.

And you say: guys, you behave like fans at a football match. Only this is not football.

And they answer you again that you are a demagogue, that every life is sacred, that they condemn, that Putin is one against the whole world, and you are brainwashed by Putin's propaganda, and you speak in slogans.

And you understand - you no longer want to be drawn into all this madness. But gentlemen pacifists with pigeons on their avatars literally stuff you into it.

Well, and also sweet, not ceasing already talk about collective guilt.

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