Posted 7 марта 2022, 08:12

Published 7 марта 2022, 08:12

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68 = Big bang: Numerologists and Kabbalah claim World War III has already begun

7 марта 2022, 08:12
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Calculations by numerologists show that the sum of all the numbers in the dates of the start of both world wars coincides with the sum of the numbers of the start of the special operation in Ukraine.

Any crises, and especially such large-scale and severe ones as the current one, caused by Russia's special operation in Ukraine and the subsequent global sanctions of Western countries, sharply activate the work of thought of various kinds of conspiracy theorists, including numerologists. They have already calculated the sum of the figures in the dates of the start of both world wars of the last century and compared it with the sum of the figures in the start date of the “special operation. Here's what they got:

1. World War I: 07/28/1914

28+07+19+14= 68

2. World War II: 01 09 1939


3. Start of the special operation: 24 02 2022

24+02+20+22= 68

One should not think that if the fighting is carried out only on the territory of one country - Ukraine, this is not yet a world war. Suffice it to recall that the Second World War, for example, began with the capture of Poland by Germany, and only then the whole world was gradually drawn into it. So far, Western countries are holding back by all means from direct participation in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, rightly fearing that in this case it could escalate into a nuclear one. However, who can vouch for tomorrow? The figures clearly prophesy - the Third World War cannot be avoided.

The ancient Jewish method of analyzing the meaning of words and phrases based on the numerical values of the letters they contain, which is widely used in Kabbalistic teachings - gematria claims that one of the meanings of the number 68, the same one that numerologists received, is the Big Bang. It seems that it is no longer necessary to decipher this concept.