Posted 7 марта 2022,, 07:32

Published 7 марта 2022,, 07:32

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Russian show business found itself between politics and poverty

Russian show business found itself between politics and poverty

7 марта 2022, 07:32
Domestic show business is in a fever now in these difficult times. Some "celebrities" support the special operation in Ukraine, while others condemn it. They all understand that their future will largely depend on their current position.

Perhaps the current political events will lead to a change of actors in the Russian show business.

Irina Mishina

In recent days, many representatives of Russian show business have somehow disappeared - both from television programs and from the media. Noticed? The reason is obvious: "the honor and conscience of the nation" - our artists are considering their political credo. And here it is very important not to blurt out too much and not to miss.

While you can still fly

But some have already made up their minds. Social networks are discussing the news that Alla Pugacheva flew abroad, taking with her both children from showman Maxim Galkin - eight-year-old Lisa and Harry. Secular columnist Bozena Rynska wrote about this in her telegram channel, citing a post from another channel, Patriarchs, as proof. Prior to this, the spouse of the prima donna, showman Maxim Galkin, was subjected to a flurry of criticism for publicly condemning the special operation in Ukraine. Because of this, Maxim Galkin lost a large number of spectators at his concerts: people are massively renting tickets. It is not ruled out that Pugacheva could have gone to the USA - her eldest daughter Christina Orbakaite lives there with her husband and children.

Someone was threatened with lawsuits

But Oleg Gazmanov was sentenced in absentia by a Ukrainian court to arrest. He is suspected of encroaching on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. After the start of the special operation, Gazmanov started a Telegram channel and began posting clips and texts there in support of the Russian army. The day before, a Ukrainian court arrested Nikita Mikhalkov in absentia on the same charge.

Entertainment doesn't belong here

It is no secret that our celebrities have long been accustomed to a well-fed and carefree life. This life is provided to them not so much by concerts as by corporate parties and performances on TV. And access to federal channels now is strictly dependent on civic position. And here everything is difficult. The time is such that there is no time for songs and dances, and generally no time for a fun life. So with entertainment programs, apparently, you will have to wait. In high esteem, apparently, there will be a patriotic theme. And here characters like Alexander Marshal, Oleg Gazmanov, Denis Maidanov and Nikolai Rastorguev will predictably win. That, perhaps, is all. Nikolai Rastorguev, by the way, recently celebrated his birthday on the air, celebrating his 65th birthday with a concert in the giant Crocus City Hall.

But the rest were bored. Even a host of dissatisfied with the hard life of a party-goer appeared. Even during the pandemic, some representatives of the glamorous party called for the rescue of artists. Iosif Prigogine said that people of art barely make ends meet. And Natasha Koroleva's husband Tarzan envied the pensioners - after all, they have a guaranteed pension. True, Tarzan turned out to be a resourceful man and quickly retrained as an artist, he even recently had an exhibition. Critics have not yet begun to judge the artistic merits of Tarzan's masterpieces, but PR actions of the newly-minted portrait painter are widely held.

In general, the situation for many representatives of show business really turned out to be delicate. Almost everyone has real estate abroad and dual citizenship, houses in Miami, in extreme cases in London. Therefore, to support the special operation means to cut off the path to retreat to the West. Not to support means to block all roads in Russia. Therefore, many chose to simply disappear from the radar. For example, Philip Kirkorov, who usually likes to comment on current events in the world, and does not climb into his pocket for a word. He has been silent for 11 days - that is how much time has passed since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine. It is no secret that Kirkorov is a native of Bulgaria, lives and works in Russia, but he also has a lot to do with Ukraine. For example, friendship with the current president: they starred together and performed together when Zelensky was a comedian. Spring 2019 Philip Kirkorov, some even offered to make Russia's ambassador to Ukraine, since he has long been friends with Zelensky. But friendship is friendship, and the tour in the Crimea turned out to be more important for Philip Bedrosovich, and the friends parted.


What will happen to representatives of show business next? Concert promoter Sergei Lavrov notes that the stars will no longer have their previous earnings. Previously, artists themselves set prices for their performance and could demand prohibitive amounts for a simple layman. “Invite a popular singer or singer could cost from 50-60 thousand euros and reach up to 200-300 thousand euros. For example, Cord had similar maximum earnings at private parties in Courchevel. It's no secret that most of our artists received their millions from private events and corporate parties. They owe their comfortable existence with houses on Rublyovka and vacations at luxurious resorts to the money of the oligarchs. Concerts for ordinary spectators also bring good profit, but all this requires much more time and physical strength”, - writes the author of the Vanity Fair blog on Yandex Zen.

It is significant how the “voice of the people” sounded in the comments to the post about the stars. It turned out that the mass audience most of them do not need or are not interested.

Anna: “This is not culture or art. I won’t even go to watch and listen for nothing. And I don't recommend it to others."

Nikolay Baikov: "Now let's see how they will love their Motherland for free".

Shalashova Tatyana: “Let them go to the transitions to sing! Just not everyone will be served!”

Irina Plaksina: “Why the extra questions? There is a wonderful experience of the USSR. Mandatory tours throughout the Union, but now in Russia. Tours to the farthest corners of Russia. To the field camps, to the camps of reindeer herders... Accommodation in ordinary houses of a collective farmer, and not in royal apartments. Soviet artists traveled in old buses for wages and travel allowances. But, most importantly, they treated the people with respect and love, understanding who supports them.

By the way, about concerts - a moot point. Many "stars" have become lazy, and they are given mainly in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Traveling around Russia with tours has become out of fashion. The corporations remain. But in the conditions of the new crisis reality, they will become noticeably smaller. Only parties for millionaires will remain. Well, as the unforgettable Krylov said, “you sang everything - this is business, so go and dance!”.