Posted 8 марта 2022,, 10:46

Published 8 марта 2022,, 10:46

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Schoolboy Vadim Teleshev won a lawsuit against his teachers

Schoolboy Vadim Teleshev won a lawsuit against his teachers

8 марта 2022, 10:46
A student of the Lubavin school, Vadim Teleshev, won a lawsuit against a history teacher who insulted him. Vadim told this to a ZAB.RU correspondent.

Recall that in the secondary school of the village of Lyubov, Kyrinsky district, there was a conflict between a student of the 8th grade and a history teacher Igor Pushkarev, who did not like the interpretation of the events related to the war of 1812 by the students. As a result, he filled the child with a mongrel and a bug and took him to the director's office. The head of the educational institution supported the history teacher.

When the incident became known to the Russian media and social networks, Vadim Teleshev began to be harassed by the teaching staff, and the head of the district administration, Lyubov Sakiyava, turned to the host of the Besogon program, Nikita Mikhalkov, with a request to protect the teachers. Mr. Mikhalkov, commenting on Vadim Teleshev's statements about insults and persecution, called him an informer and mentioned the year 1937.

On March 5, the Central District Court of Chita, having considered the suit of Vadim Teleshev, recognized the actions of the teacher as unlawful, and fined him 3,000 rubles.

“I am partially satisfied with the court’s decision,” Vadim said, “but on the other hand, I have concerns that the persecution that I was subjected to by the school administration may intensify even more”.

The teacher Igor Pushkarev himself, according to the official media, quit the school. The media also confirmed his lack of special education, by profession Pushkarev is a labor teacher. He began to teach history after passing certain courses.

Novye Izvestia wrote three times about the situation with the student. It is worth recalling that the conflict between the student and teachers began after Vadim read Yevgeny Ponasenkov’s book about the war of 1812, which outlines an alternative position to the official version and gives unflattering assessments of Russian military leaders, including Kutuzov . After that, Evgeny Ponasenkov joined in protecting the child. Today, the historian Ponasenkov noted in a comment to NI:

"Another beautiful victory over darkness - and in the middle of hell. A 14-year-old child won the court against an aggressive Trudovik who posed as a "history teacher". The situation is" mini-sokol "(and with the same book of mine). I always bring things to victory of the end (and this is still only the first "act"). Creatures vile, unprofessional, mediocre, deceitful - must be punished. By the way, they were not even helped by a gigantic (really gigantic) administrative resource. And here you have the "first scientific" justice in Transbaikalia. Therefore: friends, people, do not be afraid - for the truth, for the light and the peaceful sky, closed from all sorts of villains!